Visitors :)

We have visitors in our home this weekend! My BIL, his girlfriend and his big dog Zeke. Well…lets just say Cuji is about 1/20th his size and NOT AFRAID.  It’s already been an interesting morning as I’m babysitting while the rest of the adults are out for some morning deer watching and hunting.


Today’s the YOUTH HUNT opener and my DH is taking my 14 year old son for a hunt.  My BIL, Eric and his Girlfriend, Monica are just earlybirds and wanted to sit in a stand just to hang out and “deer watch”…It is the peak of fall colors here and gorgeous!! I sure hope the see something!


My day yesterday was spent working on about a million things, getting in a short but effective leg workout, preparing for visitors and trying my best to “entertain”.  Let me tell you this much, I am certainly out of practice on that part! LOL!  I was not the best hostess~ and realize that is part of my life that I have NOT been using much in recent years!  I probably should practice it a bit more or else I will have raised 4 kids that have no clue how to have company in their midst.

Now…On to my goals for this NOVEMBER!

My goal is “No Negativity NOVEMBER”

I’ve been a slipping a bit when it comes to being positive.  I’ve been complaining a bit too much, slipping into negative self talk, jumping to negative conclusions, etc… NO MORE for this month at least

“No Negativity NOVEMBER”


As for my fitness goals…it’s to EXPLORE NEW workouts and DO Our “BuffMother” HOT HINNEY challenge again myself.   I loved the results from that contest~ so if you want to join in I’ll be doing it starting a week from MONDAY.  All the posts are in our VIP area or I’ll be putting together that same content in an ebook download that will be for sale in my store for $9.95.


Exploring new workouts is going to be EASY! I now have access to about 7 new gyms (NWAC, Planet fitness, UFC gym, GoPerformance, Athletes Plus, the GREENS community gym, an apartment complex gym) and a yoga studio~ plus I’ll have built in workout partners because of my 6 AWESOME Dr. Tammy 90 Day Challengers!


Also, if you participated in the “Get Buff” 30 day contest, please submit your entry ASAP!! they are due Tues, November 5th!!

All the info for entry is here:

“Get Buff”- Day 30


Thanks have a Wonderful Saturday!



p.s. here’s a post i just put up on my BuffMother page: I’ve been working hard on a super fun project with Dr. Tammy.  We just started a 90 day transformation CONTEST in conjunction with KNWA who will be having weekly segments about our contest and posting lots of extra videos on their site…spx?contestid=105389~ and I’m the Celebrity Trainer!!  I get to be in charge of the 6 challengers’ fitness and food intake as they  try to win the $10000 prize!! You can join in on the fun at


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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