Busy starting the 90 day contest!

HI, Tues, Wed and Thursday were FULL DAYS for me on this 90 Day Dr. Tammy Challenge– more info is on www.projectfabulous.com and on KNWA

I’m working as the Celebrity Trainer for this contest…I’m so blessed to be in the position to HELP these 6 amazing individuals transform their Body, LIFE and LEGACY. To sign up for your own transformation visit www.projectfabulous.com




Yesterday I managed to get in a good workout for chest then later in the day I did a run on the treadmill.


A funny sidenote,last night I counted how many pair of tennis shoes I wore that day, it was 5 different pairs! SHEESH!


This weekend is not slowing down at all…my BIL is coming for a visit and it’s hunting season (youth hunt) for my DH and SON.



p.s. todays LEG DAAAAAY-yyyy!




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