“Get Buff”- Day 4

30 days “Get Buff”- Day 4


Day #4
Run 10 mins
2*x100m sprints
run 4 mins

Time between Sprints= full recovery  2-5 mins
*each time we sprint we’ll add more reps to the workout…if you are truly pushing hard, you’ll get really sore from just 2.  If you’ve already been using sprints in your workouts, you can do more than 2 🙂

Sprints EXAMPLE-

Then last evening,  I had a good run~

I ran 2 times around my block- about a 10 min run (.7mi each block)
rested (walked) for 1.5 mins
Sprinted 100m- fire hydrant to fire hydrant on the street in front of my house
rested (walked) for 2 mins- walked back to starting place
Sprinted 100m
rested (walked) for 2 mins

As an extra I ran 1 more time around the block (5mins)

Here’s a video on how to sprint for you-


Today’s Diet focus:

No dairy


Hope you are on track to get results…30 days isn’t a long time so be sure to make every day count. Focus, Focus, Focus!!




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