FREE Personal Training!!

HI! I am launching a revolutionary fitness program and NEED 25 males, yes I said MALES, to participate in a 6 week FREE online personal training group.

The training will consist of …

  • DIET guidelines- meal plan ideas, supplement suggestions
  • Workout Regimen- weight training and interval based
  • Group Coaching calls- mental strategies, help and support
  • Video Coaching- detailed HOW TO info
  • Photo analysis- Before and After photo input
  • Hormonal Recommendations- Natural strategies; Are you in need of HRT?
  • Support via email and possibly text


The only investment required from you is your time, effort and the cost of a few “supplies”.  PLUS, You will need access to basic exercise equipment.

If  you are interested the first step is to fill out this very short screening application.

I will be screening applications in the  couple next week, so apply NOW!!

We hope to “Start” in November so we can be done in time for a BUFF Christmas!!


Michelle Berger

p.s. women you are free to apply as I MAY be adding a women’s group also 🙂



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