Loss of a Goal

Well…this past Sunday I decided to “QUIT” working towards my 800m Masters track race goal for this year. The timing just didn’t work out for me to be able to complete it this year…I was sad about the LOSS OF MY GOAL.  I felt lost and confused for a couple days.  It’s Wednesday and I’m over it now!

I have other goals and dreams to pursue that have taken it’s place and I feel better off as a person for attempting to do the race.  I truly learned a ton over the past 2 months of training:

  • Ketogenic diets are applicable to athletes; more and more endurance athletes don’t fuel with “carbs”
  • I am old, but doesn’t mean I can’t regain my speed or endurance with effort
  • I like to challenge myself yet, I also like workout that aren’t always filled with “performance” pressure
  • I learned that track for kids HAS TO BE a fun group activity, not a pressure cooker with a drill sergeant mom
  • I learned about the USTAF programs and how I can become a certified track coach/club
  • I reaffirmed that GOD comes first in my life, family second and “work” a distant 3rd or even 4th
  • Lactic Acid Threshold and VO2 max testing is really underutilized in athlete training in my area
  • Track clubs are NON-EXISTENT in my area…everyone seems to be running LONG races.  My question is “why so far???”

The past couple days have been busy with kids and my MUFFLER falling off my van!  CRAZY TIMES!

I did manage to get a couple workouts done, my hair and nails done and some work completed.  All in all it’s been a good week!!


I’ll be checking in on your blogs in a bit…but first I have to bring my DD to guitar!

Love, Michelle



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