Time for some NEW

Hey Ladies!! hope you had a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend!!

It’s so exciting to see all the amazing fun Hot Hiney contest entries~

Enter to WIN!! ~Day #21 HH~

they are due on the 31st (Friday).

It’s time for some new focus and new goals in my life…I’m not “quitting” on my goal to have a smokin’ body for my 38th birthday in a couple weeks, nor am I quitting on my goal to run an 800m race. BUT I am eliminating some “work” and “life” habits while asserting actions towards new goals in my work and family life! I’m excited for the NEW approaches I’ll be taking in both areas~ It’ll be a good break from the “same”.  I’ll share more about the “NEW” stuff soon!!

My weekend wrapped up with lots of work accomplished outside and family adventures.  I love where I live and my family~ God has surly blessed us!

During my “adventure” yesterday I tried to JUMP across the river but missed my mark and smashed the side of my foot in to a rock– it’s bruised badly.  I’ll have to be nice to it for a couple days at least   The good news is that it’s much better today than last night so I highly doubt it’s anything more than a bruise!


Here’s a pic of a couple brush piles we set ablaze.


And here’s video of a huge tree Travis cut down~

My week is a crazy one- I have 2days of a peaceful house until the kids get out of school.  Then it’s going to be a week or so of “adjustment” on everyone’s part. I do have a good “plan” in place for daily chores– hopefully it’ll work like a charm!


Today’s to do’s:

  • video my 3 remaining butt sandwich videos prep shipments and go to Post office
  • Bills and paperwork
  • LEG workout
  • Get hubby to take my “ending” HH pics


Off to tape my booty!

Have a stellar week!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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