Don’t forget your hiney!

I’ll post my full blog later, but I wanted to share today’s contest link with you~
The HAM workout correlates with the workout program I put in the forum on day #7.  Please download that if you have not yet.
We are nearing the halfway point in this 3 week contest– do you feel you’ve made any progress on your HINEY?!
Day 8 was a Summary of our previous week, and info about the 2 week plan.

As we go through the next 2 weeks I’ll post the day’s suggested workout. I’ll also be posting “HOW TO DO” the sandwich butt routines.

Today’s workout:

Lift Lower
  1. Squats- 4×10
  2. Dead Lifts- 4×10
  3. Lunges -4×10
between all
  • Challenge yourself to lift heavy enough to where by each 8-10 rep you feel like you may not be able to complete the move.
  • Take time between sets to recover- it is NOT a race!
  • Be sure to do each move very deliberately focused on your BUTT!
  • For single leg moves (lunges) be sure to alternate starting legs and in Dead lifts alternate hand position if you are using an over-under grip.
keep working it!!



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