Hot Hiney Habit Contest Starts TODAY!

NEW CONTEST! “HOT Hiney Habit”~ 21 days to a HOT A$$!

21 days makes a habit they always say– so why not a nice booty habit?

Join us!

My personal journey from a flat butt to having a booty still boggles my mind…Years of focus have produced results! I’ve tried it all and know what works and what is a waste of time. I’ve also overcome many obstacles along the way- a bad back, sciatic issues and genetically WEAK butt muscles!

You CAN have a HOT HINEY!! if you put in the work, use good info and stay consistent!!

To participate, follow these 3 steps:

1- take starting pics and measurements of your hiney; plan to take the EXACT picture/measurement in 21 days

2- post daily the specific action you took toward your “hot hiney habit”

3- give additional props to with “shout-outs” on facebook, instagram, youtube, pinterest, etc… feel free to link my websites, user names and use hash-tags that describe your mission during the contest! Let’s spread the word about how awesome we are!! Team BuffMother ROCKS!!

Daily, I’ll post in the forum a short helpful tip, video, lesson, or workout idea about your improving your booty–My goal is to get you informed and on your way to a lifelong HOT HINEY! Please feel free to join in by submitting additional forum post on the “BUTT” topic that will aid us in our journey!!

Commit to it by posting simple commenting here~ and please invite your friends to join us!!  The contest will “mainly” occur here in the FREE areas of the Rally Room!  So it’s free and full of FUN! We officially start tomorrow! May 6-26th will be 21 days of AWESOME A$$ES!!

Let’s have a blast building our booties!!

Day 1:

In order to be successful in attaining a desired goal you must first know what it is…What is your goal butt?

Once you identify the goal, getting there is about focusing on attaining habits that will CREATE that goal and eliminating the habits that sabotage the goal.

So today on Day #1 of our “Hot Hiney Habit” contest I need you to follow these 3 steps-


p.s. did you know you can invite your friends to join us in the rally room via email through this site? Click: Invite Others To Join Community   to invite your friends; we love new TEAM members!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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