This week has not exactly gone to plan– the time prior to a trip never does, right?

So yesterday I got my nails, hair and teeth whitening done…I wore this dress- it’s 20 years old– back in style and fits me better now than ever!

BUT, I didn’t get in my workout So today I’ll double up- by getting in a run and my lifting both along with all my packing etc…

I am so ready to roll on out of here to VEGAS!! It’s fun to have another one of my “GOALS” finally be here!!


I have a bunch of goals and reasons lined up through AUGUST to stay sexy!:

  1. April -Vegas
  2. May – Last day of school for kids~ lots of reasons to look good!
  3. June – birthday and Track meet
  4. July – my 20th reunion
  5. August – my 20th anniversary!!

Having goals works~ figure out some reasons for you to STAY SEXY my Friends!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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