Track Excitement!

HEY YA!! Contest day 41!! S2S~ Day 41: Sexy Daughters?

My body said NO to my plan to workout yesterday…I had yet to take a rest day all of April– and My BODY KNEW IT!  So I had NO REAL WORKOUT YESTERDAY~ I did get in 100+ AWESOME Smith Lunges with 100#’s on the bar!! my booty is so happy, lol!!

Today I’ve got in my 20 mins fasted cardio on the bike

I’m gonna lift and go for a run in just about 10 mins!

I’ve been on the computer all day researching the US Track and Field events for Junior Olympics.  I registered as a coach and will soon be forming a track club here selfishly for myself and kids, lol!  Next year if all goes well we’ll open it up to other kids in the area.

I’ll be training for the 800m with my son and my girls will train for some events too–not sure which ones just yet for them?? — so we’ve got about 8 weeks to get ready for the Arkansas Meet, it’s on June 15th in Little Rock .

I’m excited about it!!

Gotta go for now, I’ll be back tomorrow to post a bit more!!

Love, Michelle

p.s. I’ll start my workout after I check out from



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