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Holy BUSY! I am very late posting today because I fell asleep on the couch after the kids left until 9!  Since then I’ve been GOING like a mad woman trying to regain those lost 2 hours!

I was tired because despite my better judgement I ordered a diet Dr. P from McD’s at about 5:30…I was so tired and had more driving to do– but knew it may keep me up- sure enough I COULDN’T fall asleep last night because of it.  Lesson learned!

Anyhow~ today’s post:

My journal: 6 Daily Goals–
  1. Cycle day– day 19; I was tired this morning, but feel good after my 2 hour nap   I do feel confident and sexy…all this focus is working! I am motivated and being productive.  I felt STRONG in my workout last night
  2. Weight–tues I was 128. yesterday 130…today 129
  3. Sexy To do’s- I put on my heels yesterday– that worked! my feet are sore today because of it.  I need to take our SEXY day 4 pic!  GET THAT BIKINI ON!!
  4. Workout– Chest/triceps + outdoor run today– tomorrow will be LEGS!  I am technically now boosting, but I’m modifying it a bit– keeping diet still to bare minimums and still be striving to do more intervals/cardio…. my upper body lifting is still not 100% due to my neck, so It’ll be more like buffing lifting==I will however be BOOSTING my legs!!
  5. Meal POA– I’m making chicken for tonight– probably to put on a salad– that sounds GREAT to me right now!
  6. Sexy Actions- Washing my bedding~ clean sheets are sexy! Going to try on some dresses to see if I need to shop for Vegas or not.  Hoping NOT…trying to save some $$   Is being thrifty sexy? YOU BET!!

Here’s a my bikini pic from yesterday~908883_10152711246175055_586813050_n

And my workout proof pic too!


My workout was back, shoulders and biceps–

Inverted pull up 3 sets of 15 Hanging Hip arches 2 sets

Pull ups 2 set of 5

preacher curls,

abs, dancing hip drils,

sit ups,

bent over rows,

curl bar,

21’s with 10#dbs- lateral, front and uprights

plus I also got in my morning fasted cardio on the upright bike!! YAY!!


Have a super productive day!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!




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