Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!

I celebrated with a fasted run out in the beauty God created and redeemed for us by the blood of His son– who rose signifying Eternal Life… We have Victory!!!


The run was Good…fasted 3 long hills; 3 short steep hills; 3 short gradual hills + warm up and cool down road to bridge– fished with 10 mins continual running total time was 37 mins (7 of those was walking down hill after the 6 shorter hills).



After my run I did about 60-70 walking lunges split into 3 sets and then rode my upright bike for 20 mins.  Overall I got in my “long cardio” day with a tally of 57 mins of cardio.  When I was done on the bike I DANCED for 10 mins and finished with a set of old school sit ups.  I was a sweaty mess when done!

Here’s another pic I took today after my run:

Today’s contest post~

S2S- Week 5 Challenge and RECAP


My plan for today is to plan at least 10 trees.  I have been working on clearing out a little “tree garden” so we can extend our grass into that area.  Should look nice when it’s done!  My shoulder and neck are feeling great and I’m so HAPPY about it!!


6 Daily Goals–

  1. Cycle day- 15 I feel great, happy, healthy, good energy.  Just a tish bloated– should be gone by tomorrow.  VERY good and SEXY past few days!
  2. Weight- 130..I didn’t end up weighing yesterday, but this number being down again is nice to see.
  3. Sexy To do’s– took a shower already, does that count?  I don’t have any sexy things planned…but I’m sure I’ll get dirty planting trees– is mud sexy?
  4. Workout- done
  5. Meal POA- cooking a ham…haven’t done that ever before. I’m also going to make sweet potato salad, corn, green bean casserole– should be a yummy “luper”–MY favorite meal of the day!! (at about 3pm today)
  6. Sexy Actions– I’ve got a date set with the hubs~!  Gotta mentally prepare and be sure to take an extra afternoon dose my NO2 Supplement today–that helps!!

Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!! keep in mind the true reason behind it== WE HAVE VICTORY over sin, death and over the devil thanks to JESUS!! whoohoo!!


xoxoxo~ Michelle

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