Snow Day on Spring Break?

Snow day on SPRING BREAK?? What’s up with that??? It hasn’t started just yet, but we are expecting it to be a snuggle day for us here in Arkansas.

I’ve posted 2 items today already~ please check them out:

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Now onto my recap–

yesterday I ran and did a short leg workout.

the run was hard– 6 hills on our trail–it takes about 1 min up and 1.5 mins for me to get back down the trail– i run the entire time

the lifting wasn’t so bad– It was cut short due to a few reasons, but mostly because it was getting late and we needed to eat supper

Squats warm up 45×20, 95x10x2sets, 135x10x2sets, 155×10 Deads warm up 45×15, 135x10x2sets, 155×10 plus some–knee ups, knee extensions3GuOtbSn53b5i2DUNgwD014z
Today, I’ll probably add in a few side lunges and other leg work between sets of my Back/Shoulder/Bicep and Ab workout

SOOOO….last night coming home from my daughter’s guitar lesson we drove by a lady selling bunnies– and I bought one, lol!  It’s our Easter bunny!

The kids love it and my dog is obsessed with it.  She wouldn’t go to sleep last night because she had to smell it/see it.

We’ll keep the bunny outside once it’s warmer and once it’s not a “baby” anymore, but for now I certainly hope the dog gets used to it soon.



My diet was better yesterday, but today “buffing” starts so it’ll be even better. I am NOT doing well on our challenge for the week– It’s seems I’ve been eating more cheese than ever– and I even ate a tortilla last night with my taco.  I haven’t had one of those in ages!

Oh well…maybe I can have the next 4 days be BREAD and DAIRY Free (minus my coffee’s half-n-half– i can’t seem to ever cut that out!)

Have a marvelous day 19!!





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