MakeOver March!

Last month’s FAVORITES FEBRUARY was such a fun success so,  I declared this month to be MAKE OVER month!! It should tie in perfectly for our “Six to SEXY” contest!! I blogged once already today about that~ MORE CONTEST INFO!!

Yesterday’s “Make-over” experiment was not impressive-  I used a cinnamon/honey mask on my face. It only irritated it~ Maybe it’d be fine for someone with TOUGH skin, but mine is too sensitive.  At least now I know!

Today’s “make-over” is about body hair removal, lol!! Thankfully I am blond and have fine hair … I have it “easy” compared to many~  How do you do it??  Shave, wax, laser removal, “no no”, electric shavers?


I shave my legs with a MAN’s razor…Gillette fusion- I like it way better than the women’s ones I’ve tried. The annoying thing is that I can’t shave in the shower–I’ve got now skills when it comes to doing it like that.  I shave with shaving cream in the tub.  For special areas- I use an electric shaver– it helps keep razor burn the the minimum.  I’d love to get laser hair removal on the bikini line, but as a blond I’ve been told by my Dr. that is not effective.   I’m also very curious about the “No No” hair remover, but not curious enough to spend that much money!


Yesterday,  I got in a good workout with my Mother in Law, Mary.  I trained her and fit in my workout at the same time.   We did Lat pulls, rows, shoulder press, bicep curls and just 1 set of cable flys. Then hit the treadmills for 20 mins~ I ran but it wasn’t the best run.  I was very distracted.

Here’s our #workoutproof picture:


Today’s workout will be legs again~ and OUTSIDE work!!


This is going to be a GREAT DAY and MONTH~

I’m loving March already!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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