Lots going on!

The new contest planning has been on my mind…lots to do to make it great!!

I just put together a PDF of training info for the contest that will be available to the the VIP Rally Room members.


And I’ve been working on info, themes, moves, etc… all to help us get our SEXY ON!


Yesterday, I has a successful day! I went back to re-visit my new years resolutions only to find that I had been slacking on them the past couple weeks (go figure it was during my boosting, lol) …Anyhow, I’m revived to attain the resolutions and head toward my new goals!


March is going to be a great month.  Lot’s of stuff is going on~

  • The Re-Grand Opening of the RR (I’m so happy we are to this point- it’s been a busy past 2 months getting the site ready)
  • We have our 6 week contest- “SIX to Sexy” bring on the SEXY!!
  • we have VEGAS planning- along with the FREE training for those attending!!
  • personally- twins have softball starting and I have lots of projects to finish around the house before “growing” season starts

LOTS TO DO, but I love being busy!

FYI- if anyone is wondering, I quit tennis for now– too much $$ and time for this season in my life.  I can pick it up at a later date


The trip to town yesterday went well EXCEPT I forgot the RED BOX movies again!! and I spent a TON of money on softball stuff and other items while there. Why didn’t anyone tell me how expensive 4 kids can be??  LOL!

I managed to find a few pairs of sport pants for myself that will be suitable for Softball practice attire–plus I got myself an annual ST.Patty day shirt! I love green!!

I was so proud of myself for coming home– and getting my workout done!! It was so tempting to skip~ especially since DH wanted to go watch tv with me.

I got in a good Back, Shoulder, Bicep lift!!

Among other things, I did a bunch of hang clean, snatch, push press practice and I even did bicep curls, lol!



Today’s the kids first snow day of the year…it’s pretty out, but a mess and my house is in CHAOS.

I’d better go supervise it a bit and maybe make some lunch!

Love ya,


p.s. don’t forget about our rally room CHAT tomorrow at 11am CENTRAL TIME!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!




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