Favorite Skin Care?

What is your FAVORITE when it comes to  wrinkle cures, acne, moisture, routines, treatments?


  1. Roden and Fields….
  2. Cetaphil and Renova
  3. Straight Vitamin E. I poke a hole in the capsule and rub under my eyes at bed time. I also take 2 Vitamin E tabs orally each day. I’m 41 so the wrinkles are starting but I find that this helps.
    good ol’ exfoliation I dont use any product on my face at all too sensitive but i scrub my face it removes dead skin and it restores the natural oils to my face and natural shea butter for everywhere else
  4. Artistry from Amway
  5. SkinMedica products. Best. Stuff. Ever.
    prescription retinol mix it with my face cream every night
  6. My favorite is TNS Essential from Skin Medica:)
  7. Cetaphil sensitive skin because of how it is made…might be worth trying
  8. Mary Kay!!!
  9. Drink water!
  10. Obagi
  11. use purity everything.
  12. Pure coconut oil,,,,use sparingly but is wonderful, especially if you have sensitive skin as I do,,,anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal and has amazing natural sun screen properties as well!
  13. Lots of water & no dairy. I’m allergic to lactose
  14. Timmons Obagi nu derm/ retin-a and clarisonic pro!
  15. Arbonne is awesome. I swear by their RE9 line
  16. Aveeno anti aging skin care products. Makes my face feel clean and fresh.
  17. Two words….coconut oil and apple cider vinegar!! Natural all the way!
  18. Himalayan pink salt scrub. It’s detoxifying. Been suffering adult acne really bad. Been using the scrub for a month and NO acne!
  19. I am an Aromatherapist and have been for 20 years I make all my own as well as for my friends They work better than anything you can buy at the store..And cost less as well . you can find more info at Facebook.com/Cambridge Farms Milton Fl.
  20. I use cocoanut oil all over my body
  21. Ha ha…don’t bother. I started using anti wrinkle creams and sunblocks when I was all of 19 years old. I’m 30 now…the fine lines are still starting to show whether I like it or not! Just wear sunscreen and a good moisturizer I guess.
  22. Drink a lot of water.
    But my other secret was working for 25 yrs around steam in my Dry Cleaners
    Steam on and around my face, kept me wrinkle free.
  23. Cera Ve cleansers an moisturizers work great. Suggested by my dermatologist.
    Leila Hansen Myers Neutrogena all the way! I love their mask-clear pore treatment… once a week. I lightly scrub my face every other day. Cetaphil facial cleanser, every morning and every night. Bare Minerals all the way as far as makeup is concerned!
  24. Neutrogena serum before applying my makeup.
  25. NO SODA! Only water… Occasional beer I’ve either finally matured at 35, or this routine helps keep my skin clear and smooth. I have yet to find a good moisturizer that I can rely on without it making me break out. Until then, no moisturizer, and saving up for the botox injections when needed
  26. Coconut Oil. Hands down. You can eat it and since anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your blood stream, i find that awesome. I have been washing my face with coconut oil (and with baking soda on every other day) for almost two weeks now and I have not had a single break out, my skin is really soft and moisturized and my pores have shrunk. I use coconut oil in our cooking too, but for scrapes and burns its our go to ointment.
  27. I use a combo of brands…Philosophy cleanser, and Philosophy retinol and anti wrinkle concentrate at night, along with Philosophy Miracle Worker moisturizer…daytime,
  28. Kinerase eye treatment and c-8 peptide serum…followed by Dermaquest Skin Therapy Solar Facial Moisturizer (best sun care/moisturizer ever!!) Facials and peels every few months, and Philosophy makes an awesome at home 5 minute peel that is terrific!! Oh, yeah…and my Clarisonuc…my new best friend!!
  29. Again, I say Mary Kay! LOL They have an amazing Repair Line ofr wrinkles, a velocity line that works like proactiv, and just great products. Check them all out here.
  30. Pretty simple routine: Cetaphyl for washing my face, loreal revitalift day (SPF 15) always & night cream, garnier skin renew dark spot corrector when I remember. A few times a year I have facial & peel done w/ Emminence all organic products. At my age i am more interested in healthy (best it can look) 52 yr old skin, than trying to look 25 again. Besides I’ve been w/hubby since I was 15 & he loves my wrinkles (aka love, life & laughter lines).
  31. For body Cetaphyl cream & occasionally organic bath oils.
  32. Microdermabrasion tx’s, derm fillers are my new friend, cetaphyl soap, lancome moisturizers of various types I need a good age/sun spot remover. Any suggestions?
  33. a vitamin C cream will help with the aging and sun sopts!
  34. Sun spot remover..I use garnier skin renew, because that’s what I can afford. My esthetician loves a new product from Emminence (all organic & you can wear the mask all night) She uses that. I can’t afford it lol!
  35. Sunspot remover…Exuvience Intense Lightening Complex…works good, faded mine alot, though they are so bad I’m having them removed with treatments at the spa I go to…
  36. I use castor or primrose oil for wrinkles. Cetaphyl cleanser and moisturizing cream, apricot or Stri-vectin scrub, avocado clay mask. If I’m removing heavy make-up I’ll use Abolene. I know…old school and BORING, LOL. I started using Oil of Olay when I was 16 so I had a pretty good skin care routine from the beginning. I prefer natural and time tested products. OHH! And Noxema with steam to remove zits!
  37. I use the Avon line and it is the first time since a teen that I don’t break out. Sun spots are gone, too!
  38. I switched to the Oil Cleansing Method over the New Year, and I am loving the results. My face looks and feels better!
  39. I use to use Avon product and then Walmart came out with the Simply line of product, and I love it! The scrub, face wash and daily moisturizer. Other than that nothing.
  40. Obagi products and love them. Great for fading sunspots. Plus going to start trying some microderm treatments.
    Obagi products are SO good…used them quite a few years back. Their eye product (I forget the name) is really good:)
  41. i Use bare minerals face wash, and their combination skin moisturizer. That’s all
  42. Proactive!! Yep the infomercial, started over 10 yrs ago. Love it! HOWEVER, I’ve now switched to the Target “knock off” but has the same active ingredient. As for makeup…Clinique all the way! . I have very sensitive skin.
  43. I like Simple and the YES products. ~d
  44. I like Trader Joe’s tea tree oil facial soap

Personally- I have super sensitive skin and issues with dermatitis…I really can’t use much of anything on my face. Just recently I’ve been using a “natural” exfoliation- baking soda mixed with coconut oil– it’s GREAT!



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