A shout out to FITNESS Personalities!!

In line with our “Favorites February” I asked for input on WHO IS YOUR FAVOIRTE FITNESS PERSONALITY?  The responses were great and you introduced me to several NEW personalities!!
I actually have a lot of favorite fitness personalities…but if I’d have to pick one who is my current “favorite” it would be

Zuzana Light.  She is so such an inspiration to me not only in her fitness, but also in her work ethic…. http://www.ZuzkaLight.com/


Thanks for your input and for those of you who mentioned me, THANKS A TON!! I am honored to have made the list… here’s a shout out to several of the favorites you shared~

  • Lori Harder  www.busygirlhealthylife.com. She is inspirational, positive and real.
  • Holly Rigsby at Fit Yummy Mummy popped into my mind first… She is a fantastic, down to earth person with a great educational presence. I like her no nonsense attitude towards fitness-meaning EVERY person can make time for it
  • Tony Horton (P90X fella)… because if I am still made to laugh after I watch a DVD 552 times, something has to be right!
  • Tosca Reno.. www.eatcleandiet.com i lost 40 pounds through her teachings.
  • Jenny Passey Grothe of 75 Ways to Love Your Oatmeal. Love her! http://jenfitbooks.soundconcepts.com/
  • Dana Linn Bailey. I love a strong woman who is unapologitic about it and still very classy and one on one with her fanbase.
  • Rachel McLish…  makes it all make sense.
  • http://www.chickentuna.com/ Straightforward, no nonsense advice that obviously works.
  • http://erinstern.com
  • Skinny Mom – Where moms get the skinny on fitness, food, fashion and family www.skinnymom.com
  • Erin Simmons– https://www.facebook.com/erinsimmonsfitness
  • i love Tracey Mallet
  • Www.Beastskills.com proper movement, mobility, and a willingness to take risks and learn new things!!!
  • Capone Fillipo!!
  • Kiana Tom – Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal – “Queen of Fitness” Access Hollywood – #1 Rated TV Show www.kiana.com
  • www.toneitup.com. They have great workouts, nutrition, challenges, and protein powder. Great site
  • Jamie Eason! Really breaks down fitness/diet plan that’s easy to follow. Many amazing success stories and transformations to back her credibility up.
  • Miranda Carfrae…she’s the 2011 Ironman World Champion
  • Ava Cowan

My workout yesterday was a run, hills on the trail…it was good and effective.

Today, I’ll be lifting upper body at home~ this afternoon I need to go to Bentonville for an orthodontic appt…and some shopping~ :busymom:

have a Terrific day!!


p.s. Be sure to share your favoirite fitness personalities and their links in the comments below!!



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