What is your favorite lower body exercise?? Mine= Squats!!

Saturday was Feb 2nd and Day 2 of our Favorites February….

What is your favorite lower body exercise??
Mine= Squats!!

Here’s a video tutorial on how to squat~ Squats

Flash Animation

My Saturday was a good one, It started wtih a quick workout at the gym- LEGS of course…then directly to Gracie’s last regular season 5th grade BB game. They actually won!! It’s was a great way to finish the season, sort of…next week each night they have a TOURNAMENT!

Here’s My Workout Proof pic from yesterday~ #workoutproof

After  that I went home did some cleaning and met with the electrician about getting Gunner’s room “electrified”, LOL! Once that was done it was time to go PLAY on my tractor, build a fire and enjoy the amzing land God has blessed us with!


Once it got dark, I had to run to town again for a bit since Gracie’s BB Team was in charge of the gym clean up…It took about hour of my night~ which wasn’t super convient, but HEY Mommy has to do thing they don’t want to sometimes 🙂

The night wasn’t over yet…WE relucntantly decided to order the UFC PPV.  Most of the fights were duds, but I was happy to see Frankie Edgar lose. I’m not a fan of his.

It was a good day!! NOW to make this SUNDAY be AWESOME TOO!!

Love ya,


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