Favorites February!! Day 1: I RUN!

I am a Runner…Yeah it’s true!  I try to deny it constantly.  I RUN AWAY from the term “runner” and always have! When I was in Track and Cross Country as a teen my classmates would always ask me: why do you like running so much?” My answer was– “I DON’T Like it, I am just GOOD at it, so I do it.” As I’ve matured and gone through years without being able to run due to injury…I now admit I do love it.  It’s such an effective way to stay in shape and during my runs I thank GOD for the gift of running HE’s given me!  Running is vital to my success and it’s my favorite form of cardio.  I don’t run FAR and I don’t jog. I RUN fast!  I am more about how fast I can run than increasing my distance.  The longest run I EVER do is less than 4 miles.  Most of my runs contain intervals. I’ll pick up my speed for a bit (most often 1 minute) and then decrease my speed for a bit, repeating this during the entire run.  Another one of my FAVORITE types of runs this past year has been doing trail hills.  Hills intensify the run a lot without a lot of mental focus…which is good for this mentally challenged momma, lol!10150420745205055


This month I’d like to get to know you better by doing a bit of a Challenge daily…Let’s post about our FAVORITES this February.  Knowing more about you will help me help you with info you crave!! Feel free to share!!

Favorites February!! FREE PDF dowonload- Favorites February

Now on to my February Goals:

  • Have fun with “Favorites February”
  • Get the NEW Rally Room project moving forward- see below
  • Figure out more details of the VEGAS Gathering!!
  • Ramp up the NEW Team BuffMother Contest and VEGAS gathering Body PREP!!
  • Complete Gunner’s room renovation

February is going to be GREAT!!
Love ya’s,

p.s. Are you are forum savvy? an internet geek? addicted to posting online? I am looking for a “TEST” group for our new TEAM BuffMother Rally Room site- we need ladies to help us figure out the set up…if you are interested please email me.  Michelle@buffmother.com~ Testing will start sometime next week!!



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