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2013 is HERE!!

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Tue, 2013/01/01 – 6:15pm — BuffMother

I am always a bit slow at figuring out my “Resolutions” so bear with me over the next few days as I hash them out…for today I’ve been thinking about trying to Tally my workouts for this year.  I’m not the best, most organized record keeper, so….I’m going to try it for January and see how it goes~ If it goes well I’ll do it for the year.

My thoughts are to tally my workouts in categories:

  • Legs- lifting workouts focused on Legs- Hammies, Glutes, Quads, Calves and ABS too
  • Chest- lifting workouts focused on Chest, Triceps, Abs also
  • Back-lifting workouts focused on Back, Shoulders, Biceps and Abs
  • Runs- typically my runs are hills, intervals or sprints so milage is stupid
  • Intervals- non-running ones
  • Tennis- drills, lessons, matches
  • Other- this would be other cardio, boxing, stretching, pilates, yoga, classes, dvds, etc…

I also think I’d like to track a few other things-

  • how many fires I build
  • how many hours I spend outside
  • how many hours I tally on my tractor and lawn mower
  • and a fun one…How many times I have sex :hehe:


today’s workout was legs so I have #1 done!

Have fun figuring out your resolutions!! Happy NEW YEAR!!


So far, so good!!

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Thu, 2013/01/03 – 11:19am — BuffMother

HI Ya!! All is going well around here for the New Year, we are 3 days in and so far, so good, lol!!

Yesterday’s workout- run outside 32 degrees– hills on the trail
Warm up to L road then down hill~ approx 5:30 mins~ then 5 1 minute long hills, running up and down continually except after the 3rd one when I had to pull up my leggings~ I knew it was a mistake to wear them when I put them on and the waist band was several inches too loose~ CRAZY!  Finished with a 6th hill all the way back up to start.

It was a good run considering it was my first one outside since getting sick a couple weeks ago– my lungs felt fine and my body felt good.

Came inside and lifted a bit
pull ups 10, 8
Inverted Pull ups 3 sets
Bent over rows 95x8x3
I also did a set of push ups, front raises with a 25 pound plate, lateral raises with 10 pound weights, 2 sets sit ups, 32 sets knee ups, lateral twists and some other mish mosh of stuff.  It was a decent short back, shoulder, bicep workout.  I’m trying to to over-do it since I had a couple weeks off due to sickness and holiday.

Today, I am going to lift chest, tri, abs~ I may also do some intervals??  I have a busy evening with a belated birthday celebration for Gracie.  I are going to the Hobbit with a group of 6 girls and then her 2 cousins will be spending the night.  Should be FUN!!

It’s cycle day 7 for me and my weight is starting to normalize again after being sick and the holiday~ 129.0 today.
I’m still working on concrete goals for the New Year.  One item that’s really motivating me is our TEAM BuffMother trip to VEGAS in APRIL!!  I want to look good for ya’ll and for the pool and dance floor!!!  I am also very focused on getting about 5 pounds of REAL Weight off this body for Valentines day~ 123 is the goal.  I have 6 weeks to attain that~ so if I can get down to 126 this buffing phase, I’ll be on track with that!

Love ya,


Is it really FRIDAY??

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Fri, 2013/01/04 – 10:53am — BuffMother

Last night I took 6 young ladies to the Hobbit.  It was a long sit and made for a late night….the Hobbit was decent, a bit too many CREEPY Creatures, confusing for those who don’t already know the story (the lord of the rings tie in’s were assumed) and I thought that is should have had an ending regardless of if it’s the first of 3 or not. I’d give it a B-

The girls seemed to have fun, so that’s what mattered!

Yesterday’s workout was a success~

Chest/Tricep/Abs/Intervals and CLEANING* workout

*my workout took FOREVER to get done because I got distracted with cleaning, organizing and putting together a dumbbell rack while I was in the middle of my workout

Bench 45×10, 95×10-12x3sets
push ups- 3 sets
Incline flys- 30’sx10, 35’sx8x3sets
Dips (on dip station)- 10, 8
Tricep extensions- 45#’sx12x3sets
Bicep curls- 45x12to 15 reps x3sets

Abs between sets- knee ups on power tower, knee ups on bench, sit ups

Then I did intervals on my upright bike.  It had been forever since I did them~ and was a good workout!!

Today we have errands to run,  a couple Dr appts and have to bring the cousins home….not sure on the workout??
If I do anything it’ll be legs or a run.

From the looks of everyone’s new year excitement, we’ve had a very successful week #1 to the year!!


Love, MichelleFirst Full Week!!

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Sun, 2013/01/06 – 11:23am — BuffMother

Ahhh!! I am loving 2013 so far…AND I’m exicted to attack the first full week of this NEW YEAR.

I still haven’t made solid resolutins– I’ll strive to do that this week!! Also, I have to award the winnner of our 28 Days of Chistmas Contest this week~ We had some SUPER RESULTS!!! YAY!! :cheer:

Yesterday we had a busy day…and I was tired from 4 workout days in a row~ YAY!! It feels good to be back at it after the coulple weeks off~ Took the day off of workouts, but I was rather active and busy with family.  Sadly part of that busy-ness was dealing with an ankle sprian that my little Tia suffered.  We were very worried about it at first, but she’s walking on it okay today and seems to be only a minor sprain~ thanks be to GOD!

This week is going to be a fun adventure for sure…I’m heading to Tampa as a “tag along” on my DH’s business trip. Grandma will be staying here with the kids~ We fly out tomorrow and get home on Friday.  Hopefully it all goes well! (Please keep this info private to the RR~ I don’t like the “world” knowing info like this on FB)

My workout plan for today is to run.
Tomorrow: off
Tue- mish mosh lifting+ run at hotel gym
Wed- busy active rest day
Thurs-mish mosh lifting+ run at hotel gym
Fri- probably off again??
Saturday- run
Sun- Legs

Let’s have a great first full week of 2013~!!

Love, Michelle

tally Tues

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Tue, 2013/01/08 – 9:50am — BuffMother

Since Jan 1 was on a TUESDAY…Tuesday will be my Tally Day~ Week #1 of 2013 went well–

I got in a Workout T, W, Th, F, Sun= 5 days!

1 chest/tri
1 back/sh/bi
2 leg
2 runs
1 bike intrerval
1 extra cardio session of a 2 hour hike

Saturday- we built a fire- so that was super active
Monday- was a travel day- loads of sitting

Today I’m going to get outside for a run/walk and then do some lifting.
Hope your day is GREAT!!



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Tue, 2013/01/15 – 11:12am — BuffMother

HI! So…I’ve missed you! BUT, I needed to reset my addiciton to the computer.  I have this thing where I get “sucked in” and end up spending countless unproductive hours on the computer.  From time to time a taking a BREAK from it entirely really helps get me back to being in BALANCE with it all.

I’m still trying to formulate my plan of attack for the year and my RESOLUTIONS.  I’m feeling a bit of “growing pains” in my life right now– having to let go of some fun goals and replacing them with other more challenging ones.  I’m trying to figure it out….

Workouts have been good since  I got back from Tampa. Saturday I did Leg, Sunday I did Chest and Yesterday I was too sore to hardly move!  I took the day off, but did manage to set up a shooting range and shoot a couple rounds of my hand gun 🙂

Then today I felt the urge to workout early- I was in my gym at 8:40 am!  That’s REALLY EARLY for me to workout.  I did a Back workout and 20 mins on bike.

Anyhow, Travis took a vacation day today…so I’ve gotta go for now.  We may head to the LIVESTOCK AUCTIONS…never been there before– should be interesting!
I’ll be back later to catch up with you!

Love, Michelle

Let’s See….

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Thu, 2013/01/17 – 10:07am — BuffMother

Yesterday was another “vacation” day for the DH and I…He’s back to work today after his mini vacation.  Last week in Tampa I was on vacation, but he was NOT….so he deserved the break. Me, not so much, lol!!  I feel so UNPRODUCTIVE over the past month~ I had been sick, then we had Christmas, then just a week of “reality” then I flew off to Tampa, now this week.

MY UNPRODUCTIVE FEELING IS A LIE!!!! I have been productive in many important ways:

I’ve strengthened my health, my connections to my family are stronger than ever, I’ve reset my mind, I had some great R&R and some super special time with my hubby.  This year we’ll have been married 20 years and it’s not by accident!

5 things to do today:

  1. Laundry
  2. A Run OUTSIDE and a mish-mosh workout…my legs are still sore from my leg workout last Saturday– I’m gonna hold off to do a good leg workout tomorrow.
  3. 28 days of Christmas Contest winner announcement– I’m sorry I’ve been so slow on getting this done!
  4. TEAM BuffMother Gathering planning for APRIL.
  5. Groceries- we have no food in our house!

Well, now I just have to figure out what to attack first, Let’s see….


7 years and 8 weeks ago!

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Fri, 2013/01/18 – 12:17pm — BuffMother

7 years and 8 weeks ago! I we started my membership to the Rally Room…wow, that’s a long time ago! We worked for 5 months on it’s development and launched it in March…So it’ll be our 7 year anniversary here come March 1.  Today, I spend the majority of the morning looking into solutions to make my web presence better, including the Rally Room.  It’s a constant work in progress to get a website the way one desires, lol!  There are often too many options for site development and to find the right people to do the work is tough!  I hope that within the next 2 months we’ll have our REVAMPED RR!

Anyhow, It’s now noon and a gorgeous day outside.  I think I’ll hit the squat rack and then hop on my tractor!

Yesterday I got in a good run outside, it was a bit chilly, but so sunny and AWESOME feeling to be running hills again.  I did 6 hills total~ I love running hills because they are so effective!  I also got 4 of the 5 items done on my “to do” list…the 5th item will have to wait until next week.  I’ll be announcing the winner to the 28 days of Chistmas contest then and also be sending out a blast reagarding our TEAM GATHERING in April!!  I sure hope you can make it!!

Eats are going better the past few days, I’m in Boosting but have honestly felt very much in control on my diet.  I have been allowing some carbs in the evening, but my morning and afternoon meals are very KETOGENIC– fat/protein based.

Have a wonderful Friday!!


p.s. I’ve also been a bit drawn into the discussion regarding Sport Doping on facebook.  Here’s some of that:

“Do you think there is a solution to DOPING in sports?? ~ Testosterone, Growth hormones, Cortisone, EPO, Pain Killers, Stimulants, Insulin, blood transfusions, etc… Do you think there is a solution to the problem?”

“No one but God is perfect…Heroes have sin in their lives, but can still be looked up to. Isn’t David a hero? He was an adulterous killer, but he’s still one of my heroes. Just because someone has faults doesn’t mean they can’t be a hero. Bonds, Woods and Armstrong (among others) are still heroes in their sport accomplishments despite their visible sins”

FB Profile: https://www.facebook.com/buffmother
FB BuffMother Page: https://facebook.com/BuffMotherPage
FB TEAM BM Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/buffmother
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BuffMother
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/buffmother
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Kim our “28 Days of Chirstmas Winner!!”

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Tue, 2013/01/22 – 10:06am — BuffMother


28 Day Christmas Challenge Contest WINNER!!
HI!! You are the WINNER!!
Congrats and thanks so much for your SUPER participation via my BuffMotherPage on facebook!! You were a stand out during the entire contest and I love your willingness to share your passion for fitness with the world!!
Thanks and Congrats~
Michelle Berger
Kimberly Of NY
I am 41 years old
I have 2 children (13 and 11)
  1. How do I feel the 28 days of Christmas Challenge helped me during the crazy holiday season?
    The contest helped through a lot of stress this time of year. Gave me something to focus on instead of worrying about things I wasn’t in control of right now. I am someone who loves     to give gifts. Deciding, finding, and giving a gift is one of my favorite things to do. We had to cut back a lot this year, so I was unable to ‘give’ as much as I would have liked. The     contest helped me deal with the situation and focus on things that matter more than monetary things. The kids stepped up and helped as well. A great holiday!
  1. Summarize my performance in this contest…
    I realized early on during this contest that even though I was working out most days I wasn’t pushing myself as hard as I could. Reading other Buffmother posts helped me see that.     So I began looking for and planning tougher workouts. Now I am trying new gadgets and heavier weights. Trying hard to think outside the box and give it all I got. Thanks,     Buffmothers!
  1. Are you happy with your results?
     I was very consistent and on track with my workouts throughout the challenge. Had a strong start with my eats, but had trouble Christmas week. Getting back on     track as type this. This is my 2nd contest and I always feel that my results could have been better. I put a ton of effort into the contest, but there is always something I could have     done differently or better. Always a work in progress. So overall I am happy with the things I have learned along the way, but I can do better each day.
  1. Encouraged by? Denyse Wilson and Suzi Velinsky. I love our dynamics as a group. We work well together for accountability and encouragement. Inspired by? Robin Weins. I love her enthusiasm, dedication and sense of humor. She has been a great addition to the group. I look forward to seeing how far she can go.
  1. I shared my pics most days on the Team Buffmother and the Buffmother sites. Lots of fun!
  1. In closing: As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed the contest. It is an amazing thing to have so many wonderful women to discuss common interests with and help those women when they need a word of encouragement. I enjoyed the workout proof pics. A great add on to this contest. Gave us a chance to show a different side to ourselves, open up and be creative. The occasional questions you passed along to us was helpful to me as well. They made me pause and think. I started a separate journal to keep those answers to look over when I need to regroup or refocus. I’ve made so many great friends these past 6 months. Can’t thank you enough, Michelle Berger, for changing my life. I have my goals set for the new year and a renewed focus on what I want from my life. Thank you!

Here are several of Kim’s “workoutproof” pictures from the contest~

Forgot to post day 1 here, too. Stats done this morning. Eating lots of protein and veggies today. Looking forward to fruit as my treat later. Waiting for DH to come home for some P90X plyo. Wonder if he will come home. Lol! See ya’ll later:)


#workout proof 2…p90x plyo style

#workout proof 3. Love my photo helpers 🙂

#workout proof 5. Almost didn’t happen, but abs are done!!

Hot weights instead of yoga today. Very warm workout with the wood stove going. #workout proof 6 legs and abs day.

Added more reps to my burpee workout challenge. My shoulders were on fire!! Also completed 30 squats for the squat challenge. #workout proof 8, part 1. Everyone keep up the great work!!

Tried something new for abs. DH took video. #workout proof 10. Total of 5 exercises. Love them!

Workout felt great today (except for IT Band)…I am stretching daily. Squats with bicep curls in between sets and ab intervals. Gonna feel it tomorrow. #workout proof 12

Love, love, love Zumba Sentao! Especially with my favorite instructor. #workout proof 13 — with Anna Rivelo.

Ladder drills with DD for some outdoor fun. #workout proof 14

Got ’em! Love my Sassy Socks from Heather Dobbs O’Callaghan. So warm and snuggly. Have to keep an eye on my DD…she wants them:) Thank you so much! #workout proof 16 bis/tris maxed out #buffing phase #Buffmother


#workout proof 17…leg day. #Buffmother and my new favorite shirt. Keep up the great work girls!

Yoga and squat day here with my snowman guy 🙂 #workout proof 18


Abs and squats day! #workout proof 20. Eeked out my workout…feel a little better now. Have a great day!

Elliptical, abs, and 100 squats for #workout proof 23. Sassy socks make working out lots more fun :))

P90x cardio workout. Was finally able to push myself harder. Feel great! #workout proof 22

Was feeling stressed this morning, so I kicked booty with a shoulders, back, bis, abs, and squats workout. Nothing will stop me now. #workout proof #buffmother

#workout proof 27 of shoulders and tris, squats, abs, and a little cardio. Finishing strong!

Terrible Tally…

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Tue, 2013/01/22 – 3:01pm — BuffMother

I am TOTALLY failing at my attempt to TALLY my workouts and other stuff for the year, lol!! I’m glad I only committed to test trying to do it this January.  It’s just not my personality to be able to tally, lol!! I am too much of a “fly by the seat of my pants” type girl.  ALTHOUGH I do love journaling and keeping track of things in my notebook by using lists etc… I just can be on regime to do certain things every day like tally, lol!

This weekend was a good 3 days off official workouts and I am OK with it because I was really active and I knew my hormones were high…Saturday I was in a terrible mood 🙁 cycle day 23 this month.  And my cycle ended up only being 25 days this month.  Not sure I like that???  Anyhow, It’s cycle day 1 today and I’m gonna hit the weights for a chest workout and a run.

I’ve been thinking more about us doing a contest here in the rally room to prepare for our “VEGAS” trip– I think it’ll be similar to the Six 2 Sexy contest we did a couple years back~ Check it out:



Congrats again to Kim for her win in the 28 days to Christmas contest~ her prize is a BuffMother STARTER PACK~ I know she’ll put it to work!!
Have a great day,

raw throat??

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Wed, 2013/01/23 – 10:37am — BuffMother

Do you ever feel a bit sick??  — like with a raw throat? Well I did yesterday but, didn’t let it stop me from getting in a bit of a workout~ I think it was just what I needed  to rid this body of the TOXINS! A Word of CAUTION ~  practice extra careful “SANITARY” lifting at the gym ESPECIALLY if you may be getting ill– wash your hands, wipe down equipment and don’t cough on others!

Chest Press Machine
Shoulder Press Machine
Lat Pull
Seated Rows
Hanging Knee ups

Intervals on Treadmill…haven’t been running on tready much, so I didn’t push it too hard so my joints didin’t go into shock.  I ran my easy minutes at 6mph, hard at 7mph x4 and then finished with the last 3 hard mins at 8mph.

FYI! If you need a training plan~ check out my ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAMS

Today, I’m going to get in a full chest/tricep workotu and run again~ OUTSIDE this time, I needs my Sunshine!!

Love ya’s,


p.s. Yesterday 1-22-13 was cday1 (cycle was 25dasy), weight 131.6 ; Today weight is ___on cycle day 2– and I’m feeling better today 🙂 Both in my tummy and in my head/nose/throat

Bone Jour!

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Thu, 2013/01/24 – 5:16pm — BuffMother

Yeah that’s right, BONE Jour, as in the dog salon where my little Cuji went today.

Here’s her Before:

Here’s her After:

During her gromming, I went to lunch with my MIL. We at Mexican– YUMMERS!

My workout today is probably NOT GONNA HAPPEN, I am TIRED.  Which is very typical for me on cycle day 3 or 4…I think it’s a blood iron/hormone thing.  I’ll save my leg workout for tomorrow when I have more MOJO!!

Love ya’,


P.S. In other news, I thought I’d share a submission I made for a reality TV show…

HI Danielle,
Fun to see you are still in the casting business.  We spoke a few years ago in length about doing a “Wife Swap” episode.  You may remember me as BuffMother.  I am a fitness guru and have worked online with my website www.BuffMother.com for the past 8+years.

My life is actually even more interesting now than ever. Our family of 6 +dog, is now living in the country.  We moved 30 mins from Bentonville, Arkansas onto a 63 acre “farm” last year.
I term our existence as “White Collar Red-Necks”…We have no clue what to do with a farm, but that doesn’t keep us from trying.  We absolutely LOVE IT!!

In the past year I’ve learned how to drive a tractor (built ponds, worked on roads, hauled tress, cleared brush, planted fields, etc), how to shoot guns, how to “burn it down” (clear land using fire) and many other crazy adventures.

We’ve got big plans for our land, but no KNOW-HOW nor natural instincts on how to go about living a “red-neck” life.   We have no plans on becoming “farmers” in a traditional sense as our White Collar Business Aspirations are still of top priority.  Both my husband and I are totally into entrepreneurship and inventing new products. We are also planning to “re-launch” a  BuffMother infomercial project. We had an infomercial licensing deal (with a company named SYLMARK, the infomercial launched as SlimChick) about 4 years ago which turned out a bit lackluster.  We currently on the attack to bring it to the market again this year with a few “tweaks” and a better understanding of the process.

Travis is my husband, he grew up without a father, thus has no clue how to do the traditional “handy-man” stuff.  He’s a train wreck when it comes to organizing his tools but his determination to try to complete tasks around the farm is inspiring.  A couple projects he’s currently doing are building a cable/wood bridge, a zip line, building us a kitchen table with tress from our land, fixing the shed doors, revamping the fences, etc..

He’s a great salesman and has worked in the DRTV industry selling products into WalMart and other retailers for the past 10 years.

Gunner is my oldest child and only son.  He’s 13 going on 80.  We tease him that he’s an “old man”….he is very interested in computers, technology, UFC, Football and GIRLS.  He’s a totally lady killer and every girl in town is in love with him!

Gracie is my oldest daughter. She’s our 11 year old Drama Queen~ she is amazingly talented and a TRUE BEAUTY!  Currently she’s playing basketball and taking guitar lessons.  One of her most interesting qulities is that she’s very confiedent that she’s going to be filthy rich! She’s determined to have a butler and rule the world as a SUPERSTAR.

Tia and Layla our my 9 (soon to be 10) year old Twins.  The are total opposites and work well together.  They are both in Softball and I even signed up to volunteer coach this year.
Tia is technically the older twin.  She is the SWEETEST most helpful little girl in the world!! She’s also very interested in art, scary movies and being a joker.  Her sense of humor is SPOT ON!!
Layla is a SUPER Charismatic girl, who has never met a stranger in her life!  She loves HORSES and is constantly hoping to have one of her own.

Cuji, is our 2 year old “Cutest Puppy in the WORLD!” little 5 pound white Maltese.  She’s a princess of a dog who thinks she’s a rough and dirty Farm Dog– we’ve had some crazy times trying to keep safe from the elements out in the country.

Some of what I see as a show about our family include…
How we mesh into our new “Red Neck” life:
us trying to raise some animals, us trying our hand at hobby farm “HOMESTEAD” type stuff- chickens a few beef cows, some sheep or horses.  We also have a vision to try to raise ELK on our land 🙂
Us trying to build a zip line, a swimming hole, a bridge, grow things, do “fix ups” to our land

How we attack the White Collar world:
We have a “shark tank” atmosphere at home…lots of ideas and invention and marketing talk.
We will be re-launching the BuffMother brand through the web and DRTV .

How our children deal with our unique life:
How having a Mother that’s a fitness Model affects them.
What it’s like growing up in the country.
How we as parents help our the kids each find/explore their talents

How I help people through my BuffMother.com, the Team BuffMother Gatherings we have (we are going to VEGAS in April!!) etc…

I could go on and on with ideas!!  And I’m open to any of yours~
I’ve attached current photos of our family plus I have links on my signature to more info.

Thanks so much for your consideration.
Michelle Berger

I Want to go OUTSIDE!!

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Fri, 2013/01/25 – 2:40pm — BuffMother

Don’t you just hate those days when you have work to do INSIDE but you have a huge desire to go OUTSIDE?  That’s me today!  I’ve been working hard to get my stuff done, but the clock keeps ticking away!

I just ate and am now going to attempt a leg workout– HOPEFULLY the food in my tummy won’t interfere!  Because if I don’t do it now, I won’t get outside until it’s dark~



Thinking GREEN!!

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Mon, 2013/01/28 – 10:58am — BuffMother

Let’s do this Mini Challenge- Eat 3 servings of
greens each day this week!! I’d love to help you stay accountable so feel free to tag me in your posts about it!Eating GREENS takes effort and determination.

The way I get 3 in a day is to start my
day with a GREEN, focus on eating greens
for my “snacks” and having greens with dinner.

Greens are so good for your digestion,
your body’s acidic balance, for nutrition,
for energy, etc…

My favorite Greens lately are:
Green Beans,
Brussels Sprouts

Others I eat quite often include:
Stir fry veggies,
Romaine Lettuce,
Green and Red Cabbage
and Spaghetti Squash

Get after those greens~

They are SO good for you and REALLY
help lean you up!!!
YUMMY!!!  –Michelle Berger

Photo: Let's do this Mini Challenge- Eat 3 servings of<br />
greens each day this week!! I'd love to help you stay accountable so feel free to tag me in your posts about it!
<p>Eating GREENS takes effort and determination.</p>
<p>The way I get 3 in a day is to start my<br />
day with a GREEN, focus on eating greens<br />
for my "snacks" and having greens with dinner.</p>
<p>Greens are so good for your digestion,<br />
your body's acidic balance, for nutrition,<br />
for energy, etc...</p>
<p>My favorite Greens lately are:<br />
Cucumbers,<br />
Peppers,<br />
Green Beans,<br />
Radishes,<br />
Asparagus,<br />
Brussels Sprouts</p>
<p>Others I eat quite often include:<br />
Stir fry veggies,<br />
Spinach,<br />
Romaine Lettuce,<br />
Green and Red Cabbage<br />
and Spaghetti Squash</p>
<p>Get after those greens~</p>
<p>They are SO good for you and REALLY<br />
help lean you up!!!<br />
<p>-Michelle Berger


Other ways I am thinking green is about BAMBOO…I’m looking into buying some bamboo treess for a nice privacy fence.  It should be interesting to see if I can get them to grow.  Each plan is $25-30 for a tiny little one… so I’ll start with 4 and see how they do this year.

I may also buy some seeds to see if I can get any of them to grow??  Anyhow, it’s a fun GREEN idea.

I’m off to get a protein shake with SPINACH in my tummy,

Have fun thinking and eating GREEN!


Finding solutions

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Tue, 2013/01/29 – 2:12pm — BuffMother

Today has been about finding soulutins…Online business is tough because it’s so diverese. There are so many options, so many choices and so many chances to “miss” the mark.  Experts cost a lot of money and TIME.

Anyhow, I am deep into testing a new platform for the rally room.  I am very hopeful it’ll be a good solution for us!

It’s storming here today~ Plus I have to drive Gracie into the othodontist.  She’s also got Basketball pictures tonnight.

My workout will have to be done this evening: legs probably??

— Yesterday’s was a good one!–

I ran hard for about 28 mins outside and then did an upper body workout focused mostly on biceps and shoulders.


Gotta go get ready to roll in the RAIN!!

love ya’s,



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Wed, 2013/01/30 – 4:49pm — BuffMother

OH January!!  Thanks be to GOD almighty that January is almost over!! It has to be my least favorite month of the year…I like about 1 day in January…NEW YEARS DAY.

That reminds me, It’s high time I make Resolutions for 2013:

1-BE Happy! Yep that’s right, daily (and minute by minute) decide to be HAPPY!

2- Journal: use my written journal 3x’s a week– Technology is great, but I have to “write” stuff down in order for my brain to truly connect with info

3- To shower/prim daily before 11am… working from home is great, but “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”~ Thomas Jefferson

and tomorrow I’ll make my FEBRUARY GOALS!!

I’ve decided to take today off workouts–I’m on a 2 day on; 1 day off scheduel and I’m liking it for now 🙂

Have a good last day+ of Jan!
Love Ya,


p.s. I made an update to the VEGAS gathering info: http://therallyroom.com/node/54872



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