7 years and 8 weeks ago!

7 years and 8 weeks ago! I we started my membership to the Rally Room…wow, that’s a long time ago! We worked for 5 months on it’s development and launched it in March…So it’ll be our 7 year anniversary here come March 1.  Today, I spend the majority of the morning looking into solutions to make my web presence better, including the Rally Room.  It’s a constant work in progress to get a website the way one desires, lol!  There are often too many options for site development and to find the right people to do the work is tough!  I hope that within the next 2 months we’ll have our REVAMPED RR!

Anyhow, It’s now noon and a gorgeous day outside.  I think I’ll hit the squat rack and then hop on my tractor!

Yesterday I got in a good run outside, it was a bit chilly, but so sunny and AWESOME feeling to be running hills again.  I did 6 hills total~ I love running hills because they are so effective!  I also got 4 of the 5 items done on my “to do” list…the 5th item will have to wait until next week.  I’ll be announcing the winner to the 28 days of Chistmas contest then and also be sending out a blast reagarding our TEAM GATHERING in April!!  I sure hope you can make it!!

Eats are going better the past few days, I’m in Boosting but have honestly felt very much in control on my diet.  I have been allowing some carbs in the evening, but my morning and afternoon meals are very KETOGENIC– fat/protein based.

Have a wonderful Friday!!


p.s. I’ve also been a bit drawn into the discussion regarding Sport Doping on facebook.  Here’s some of that:

“Do you think there is a solution to DOPING in sports?? ~ Testosterone, Growth hormones, Cortisone, EPO, Pain Killers, Stimulants, Insulin, blood transfusions, etc… Do you think there is a solution to the problem?”

“No one but God is perfect…Heroes have sin in their lives, but can still be looked up to. Isn’t David a hero? He was an adulterous killer, but he’s still one of my heroes. Just because someone has faults doesn’t mean they can’t be a hero. Bonds, Woods and Armstrong (among others) are still heroes in their sport accomplishments despite their visible sins”


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