HI! So…I’ve missed you! BUT, I needed to reset my addiciton to the computer. I have this thing where I get “sucked in” and end up spending countless unproductive hours on the computer. From time to time a taking a BREAK from it entirely really helps get me back to being in BALANCE with it all.

I’m still trying to formulate my plan of attack for the year and my RESOLUTIONS. I’m feeling a bit of “growing pains” in my life right now– having to let go of some fun goals and replacing them with other more challenging ones. I’m trying to figure it out….

Workouts have been good since I got back from Tampa. Saturday I did Leg, Sunday I did Chest and Yesterday I was too sore to hardly move! I took the day off, but did manage to set up a shooting range and shoot a couple rounds of my hand gun 🙂

Then today I felt the urge to workout early- I was in my gym at 8:40 am! That’s REALLY EARLY for me to workout. I did a Back workout and 20 mins on bike.

Anyhow, Travis took a vacation day today…so I’ve gotta go for now. We may head to the LIVESTOCK AUCTIONS…never been there before– should be interesting!

I’ll be back later to catch up with you!

Love, Michelle




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