Always more to learn!~ FIRE!

Always more to learn!~ FIRE!

Sun, 2012/01/08 – 3:55pm — BuffMother

There is ALWAYS more to learn and this year I’m going to try to recap something interesting I’ve learned that week.

This first week of 2012 I learned about fire. I spent more time “playing” with fire this week than ever before in my life.  On our new property we have lots of “cleaning” to accomplish….FIRE was the perfect way to get rid of the JUNK.

We burned about 8 OLD hay bails, a dozen or so tree stumps, a ton a brush, leaves, cardboard and trash.  Last Sunday night was when the burning spree bagan— Travis and I stayed up until 3 am one night “tending” to the hay bail fires.  Those bails smoldered for 5 days!

Yesterday, I spent 7+ hours cleaning up a nasty trash pile and burning all sorts of junk!

Some key learnings about fire:

  • Fire is HOT!
  • Fire likes a light wind-  5 to 10mph is perfect
  • Fire is a great way to get rid of a pile of leaves
  • Big boots with good soles are a must when working with fire
  • Burn barrels are handy for trash, paper and card board (prevents fly always)
  • Iron rakes are good tools to use when dealing with fires (be sure yours is not anchored with plastic– I melted a leaf rake yesterday)
  • Smoke stinks and takes heavy duty multiple washes to get out of clothes and bras
  • Fire can melt eyelash extensions

I’m not sure what I will learn next week, but I am sure I’ll learn something new!!   There’s always more to learn!!!

Love ya,


p.s. I have a video to share with you about fire check it out on my channel



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