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XMAS Contest FUN!!

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Sat, 2012/12/01 – 10:12am — BuffMother

HI Ladies!! How are you doing?  We’ve been having a blast with the “28 Days of Chritsmas” contest!! It’s been so great to see all the fun #workoutproof pics!!
I’ve been having a “hormone” week…so I’ve had to adjust a bit of my workout routine, but I’m still on track to get the 4 workouts done for the week + my tennis drills.Tennis was much better this week, I got HIT in the face with the ball last time. This time no injuries, lol!! 
Today we have Gracie’s first ever basketball game and Gunner’s first ever “boy/girl” party.  His friend is having a big hotel party with a big group of boys and girls invited.  My kids are growing up!!

Here’s a recap of our Christmas days just in case you’ve missed any~

28 Days of Christmas: Day 3

Xmas Day #3 : your first day off!! I know you deserve it and will be extra good today on your DIET so that you keep your momentum toward your goals.  There are only 25 days left until Christmas EVE!! A little sacrifice and effort now will reward you with confidence, pride and a “Hot

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28 Days of Christmas: Day 4

Good Morning!! It’s Day 4 and another scheduled day OFF for  workouts.  Tomorrow will be another LEG workout!!  PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND…what you eat today and do today will affect how effective your leg workout will be.  Make sure you eat good nutrients including good carbs to fuel  your body to lift powerfully tomorrow!!  NUTRITION is very key if you want

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28 Days of Christmas: Day 5

It’s Day 5 of the 28 days of XMAS contest, meaning we only have 23 days left until the end and time to Kick my HOLIDAY MOJO into HIGH GEAR!!!  On tap for today: test a few more fun “add ons” to the Rally Room, get through my stack of BILLS and have a killer

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28 Days of Christmas: Day 6

I’d like to take a bit  of time today to talk about “Keeping Motivated”…or as I like to call it keeping your MOJO!!!  It is so easy for us to get GUNG HO about our fitness goals for 1, 2 or 3 days and then totally fizzle out…the #1 requirement for being eligible to win this

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Have a great weekend, Love, Michelle

have you DONE IT?

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Mon, 2012/12/03 – 8:10pm — BuffMother

HI BUDDIES!! I CAN NOT believe it’s the last month of the year…Have you accomplished your 2012 resolutions yet??  I can’t hardly remember mine– good thing I blog!!

My word for 2012 is to DELVE!!  I plan to DELVE deeper into every aspect of my blessed life during the year ahead.  I started my day with some good family time, then hit the gym for a leg workout and  followed it up with more activity outside cleaning up the yard which was finished with some literal FIRES!!
This year I have 3 resolutions:
1- to KISS MORE!!
2- to take more PHOTOS!
  1. Kissing more sounds simple, yet when you have 5 loved ones in your family (+ a puppy)  who all need KISSES, it can be a bit demanding.  I am up for the challenge~ it may get sloppy & personal but I am armed with  my puckered lips ready to rock my kisser in 2012!! 
  2. More photos is a must…my kids are beautiful and I barely took any good photos of them the past couple years! It’s a shame, but no more– I am going to snap away. I also have beautiful landscapes, animal and plant life all around~ no better way to capture it than with a click of the camera!
  3. Blogging daily is something I’ve slacked at the year….I love blogging– not just using it as a journal, but using it as a place to explore my deep inner thoughts, ideas, strategies, etc…the more I blog the better I feel about everything.  I don’t expect EVERY DAY that my blog will rock, but I do expect inspiration and creativity to flow from time to time!
Don’t be surprised if in 2012 share photos of me kissing others in my blog!!

We’ll I did take more photos, and I did blog more, and I did DELVE and I did kiss more~ but I think it’s a good idea to take pictures of me kissing people…I forgot I wrote THAT, lol!!

It’s a busy week for us here…my DD has an impacted eye tooth so today she got braces on her bottom teeth and Wednesday she’s having surgery to extract the baby tooth and try to HOOK the permant tooth in order to PULL it into place.  It’s an expensive, time consuming paniful process, but hopefully it’ll “save” her real tooth and keep her other teeth healthy.

I got in a good upper body workout despite my upper right back/neck has been giving me fits lately.  I really need to get to the chiro, but I am allergic to driving that far for an appointment…it takes 40 mins to get to my chiro (who I LOVE!) and it’s very hard to get an appointment (because everyone else loves him too!)  I also got some good “deep cleaning” done around the house. FEELS SO GOOD!!

See you tomorrow!!


Going postal?!

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Fri, 2012/12/07 – 12:25pm — BuffMother

HI!! How’s all my busy buffmother friends??

I’ve been super busy with my little lady Gracie’s surgery…She’s home again today trying to recover.
I’ve also been busy sending out orders and SSS contest prizes!! YIPPIE!!  Yesterday when I was at the PO one of the workers creeped me out by asking if BuffMother was kinda “naughty”…ewww!  I said NO!

Yesterday was the start of my Buffing phase and I got in a great upper body lifting workout along with a trail/hill run.  It was my first run in a week; I’ve been slacking on my running!! NO MORE …I’m gonna try to stick with a run every other day for the remainder of the month of December. Here’s a pic from the end of the trail…DH built that little rickety bridge so we could cross the gully easier :crazy:

Today was supposed to be Tennis drills, but with a little one at home it’s a NO GO day for me.  Instead I’ll do an extra upper body day leg day plus some other fun mish-mosh type exercise.  My legs need another day to recover from Tuesday’s heavy lifting day! Here’s a video of part of that:

I got up to 165 again for 6 reps~ YAY!

I’ll be checking in more after a bit, right now I have to head to the Post Office again and the school to give my son the stuff that fell out of his backpack as he ran to the bus stop this morning (his phone and wallet) so he can go to the movies afterschool with his buddy.

Kids!! gotta love them!!


p.s.I sent this out today to the “28 Days of Christmas” contestants:

Thanks ladies for your accountability posts and #workoutproof pics!!
I appreciate it so much!!
Be sure to follow the contest directions by making an effort to post daily on our
BuffMother page~ www.facebook.com/buffmotherpage

I’ve been putting tons of FREE info their daily to help us
make it to Christmas EVE with great success~
Please participate by responding to the posts with a comment, like or share to the info.
Then apply it to your life while keeping accountable to “maintain” or
improve your fitness.

ON MONDAY~ we start “phase 2” of our workouts be sure to reference the PDF for your
NEW workouts~

Click to Download here:


Thanks!! And let’s have a FOCUSED, FUN remaining 17 days!!!
It’s a GIFT to yourself this Christmas!!
Your friend,
p.s. I’ve also been posting the daily contest info on my blog

Another week closer!!

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Mon, 2012/12/10 – 7:35am — BuffMother

Ho ho ho!! How are you doing this lovely 10th day of December?  Me, I’m good ….I had a good relaxing “active” rest weekend that has ignited my excitement to be RELENTLESS this week.  My plan:

M-Run Lift Legs
T-Upper body
Th-Lift Legs
Fri-~ TENNIS~ Gracie’s BIRTHDAY!! Gracie turns 11
Sat-Upper Body liftRun

XMAS Day 15!!! ~ As we head into the final 2 weeks prior to the Christmas~ REMEMBER:

Our bodies are master adapters. The more we challenge them the more they change to accommodate those demands. The good news about this is that if
you continually challenge yourself, your body will change. The bad news is….that if you don’t continually challenge it, it will stop changing and may even

There are 5 main ways to change workouts to cause them to be more challenging:
*How hard are you pushing?
*Do you push yourself to the MAX each workout?
*Do you only ever “go through the motions”—social exerciser?
*Do you vary your intensity to get different results?
*Do you like to take your time?
*Do you like to “get it done”?

*How often do you work out?
*How often do you lift each body part?
*How often do you do intervals?
*How often do you do other fitness activities?

*How long do you workout at a time?
*How long are your lifting sessions?
*How long are your intervals?
*How much other time do you devote to fitness activities?

*What type of activities do you do? Do you cross train?
*Are you training for a certain sport?
*What lifts do you do for each body part?

Rest intervals
*How many “rest” days do you take?
*How much time between each lifting set/exercise do you do?
*How much time between hard intervals do you “rest”?
*How much time do you “rest” each day?
*Do you purposely take time to “de-stress”?
“The path of least resistance leads to a poor reflection in the mirror.”
Let’s push beyone what’s EASY this week~ BE RELENTLESS!!

Love, Michelle


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Tue, 2012/12/11 – 10:35am — BuffMother

GIVE AWAY of the BuffMother “Starter Pack”
More info on the “STARTER Pack”:3 DVD’s with 2 bands+ my 2 books, 2 month supply of HT Pills with dispensers is the perfect STARTER PACK for a new BuffMother! It’s also a great “gift” pack to share with your family and friends. An $85+ value!!
Also, here’s the email blast I just sent
Dear %$firstname$%,
I’ll make this really quick!#1~I am doing a GIVE AWAY

#2- My “band” workout DVD’s on “SALE”in my store-
Check them out

Use the code SAVE50 to get $50 off a 6 week Customized Training program.
Details here: http://buffmother.com/6-week-custom-hormonal-timing-plan-2

That’s all!!
Have a SUPER Holiday SEASON!!

What do you think about BANDS??

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Wed, 2012/12/12 – 12:36pm — BuffMother

What do you think about BANDS?? I am doing a GIVE AWAY~
Which includes BANDS :)

The “starter pack” includes my training geared towards women who are just beginners or for those who need an alternate option for at home or travel. It’s with resistance “bands”…
typically I am not a fan of band workouts, but once I made this program and shot the DVD’s my pinon changed.
I now have much more respect for “BAND” workouts!!

What do you think about BANDS??
Please enter and SHARE my give away too~

You ROCK!!

p.s. please notice the give away is thru the 17th and you can add to your chances to win by completing the items that say
☺ Do this again tomorrow for more entries! ☺

“Pussy-footing” *workout added

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Thu, 2012/12/13 – 10:17am — BuffMother

No more “Pussy-footing” around for this lady.  I’m sick of how I’ve been so lax about my workouts since the middle of October….Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been working out, more than the average human, but I’ve been cuting myself too much slack by missing workouts, putting them off and SKIPPING items I just don’t “feel like” doing.  NO MORE!!

I’ve set some very SOLID goals for myself to attain by Feb 14th, 2013~

  • Workout 6 days a week on a 3 days split
  • Run at least 2 times a week
  • Play tennis 2 times a week
  • Goal weight 123

I may add to the list but that’s the main focus…
I’ll be starting today, with legs!

Off to get it done!

xoxox~ Michelle

I got my workout DONE!!
Warm up with bike, some body weight squats and lunges.  This fun exercise that I too a video of for you: http://youtu.be/WFpGPJBqi9Y
And then
walking lunges-
body weight x15
Leg Extensions-
4 sets with 90# 10 reps + 5 toes out
Leg Curls- 50# x10 reps
Dead Lifts-
135×10 repsx 3sets

Plus abs between sets- some dancing abs, knee ups, oblique stuff, lower back extensions, etc..
1 good workout in the books~ now for 5 more like it this upcoming week!!

My DD’s 11!!

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Fri, 2012/12/14 – 8:47am — BuffMother

My oldest DD is 11 today!!

I seriously can’t believe t’s my little Christmas BABY’s Birthday today~Gracie is already 11!! She’s growing into such a beautiful young lady!! I am so proud of her intense drive to be a MAJOR FORCE for good in this world. She is a precious loving sweet beautiful thing!! I LOVE YOU GRACIE~~ Happy Birthday!! ♥
We have a busy day and weekend in store~ but I wanted to share a thought that came to me during my workout yesterday which I’ll write about more later.
“I am NOT who others may say I am!”
~ Love ya~

Emotional day

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Sat, 2012/12/15 – 9:09am — BuffMother

What a day yesterday turned out to be– tons of emotion for sure.  I am so thankful my kids are alive and safe home with me!

I had tennis for my workout~ based upon my soreness, I must have worked hard, lol!!



Then it was party time~ we ate out as a family…Here’s a shot of my GG and I!

Then we went home and had present time, cookie cake and some more fun!!

All in all it was a good Birthday for my little lady.

Today we’ve got an away basketaball game and some shopping AND A BACK, SHOULDER, BICEP workout on tap–and if I have energy/time I’ll do a run or iintervals too.

Have a super Saturday!!


Workin’ on the RR!

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Tue, 2012/12/18 – 9:40am — BuffMother

Hey all!! so glad to see you posting in the RR~  IT gets kinda slow here over the holidays~ but you just wait, come JAN it’ll be crazy!!

I’m  working on getting us a new rally room that’s a bit more user friendly…this platform is a bit dated.  Maybe by MARCH we’ll have that done.

Last night I got in a late leg workout~

Lunges- walking 3 sets
10’s x15
25’s x15 x 2 sets

Leg extensions-

Leg curls- bowflex
3 sets x50#

Dead lifts-
95x10x3 sets (low and slow)


Abs between sets- knee ups, sit ups, dancing abs, hip/lumbar thrusts

here’s my #workoutproof pic

Today is a Back, Sh, Biceps +my run.

Have a good one!!


What a Wednesday!

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Wed, 2012/12/19 – 8:49pm — BuffMother

Wild day today…had a busy time today– BUT I fit in a good short workout with my friend Lylna and I got my hair done!!  Now to make it through these final days befor Christmas without getting sick. We’ve had the flu here big time~ my son got it first, then Daddy, now Gracie and I may be getting it 🙁  I took some extra supps, and am getting to bed soon~ please shoot up a little prayer for me to stay HEALTHY, this last minute shopper can’t get sick now!

Miss Universe

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Thu, 2012/12/20 – 11:36am — BuffMother

Good Morning!! It seems the flu is relentless here in the Berger HOME, 4 out of 6 of us have now been HIT!  I came down with it last night & I’m hoping my case is short and easy.  My DD Gracie is home for the 3rd day in a row…Poor thing!  Anyhow, I am going to take a day off of workouts and keep it “low key” today.  I do have to visit my local WAL MART for some food, and a couple items for the school Christmas parties tomorrow.  Other than that I am staying in BED!

Last night I watched the Miss Universe contest, Congrats to MISS USA for her win!! What a HUGE group of gorgeous young ladies!! They were STUNNING, yet I was a bit sad that most of them were so thin and void of healthy muscle definition. It’s highly apparent to me that most of the ladies were on “starvation” diets as they prepared for the contest. When will society change their concept of ” female beauty” to include healthy muscle definition on women?

XMAS day 25: 4 days to Go!! Take Responsibility for your failures, your bad habits and your excuses! Happy people know and understand that they are 100% responsible for their life. They take responsibility for their moods, attitude, thoughts, feelings, actions and words. They don’t BLAME things or PEOPLE for the life they are living. YOU are in control of your body, your life and your legacy.Your task for today is to…
Write down a recent success; Then, explore how you taking “responsibility” enabled your success.

Each day you are getting more successful…press in these last 4 days, make them count!!
You are RESPONSIBLE for your failure or success– choose success!

Your friend,

Prayers worked!!

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Fri, 2012/12/21 – 8:26am — BuffMother

I’d say that any and all the prayers that went up on my behalf worked!! My flu, was short lived and I am feeling at least 80% better!  ALSO, all my kids went to school today, YAY!!

Last night I felt good enough to work on some “organization” and put a bunch of boxes up into my attic.  It feels good to have this place a little more like HOME!

Today, I have a bunch to do! I’m sure you are in the same boat as me on that~ shopping, wrapping, baking, cleaning, etc…”Last Minute Michelle” should be my nick name!

I do hope to get in some type of workout today– I think I’m up for it after yesterday’s rest.

Merry Christmas!!

“Last Minute Michelle”

scratch that, lol!

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Sat, 2012/12/22 – 12:19pm — BuffMother

Yesterday I posted that I was feeling better, well I was, BUT LAST NIGHT  I GOT HIT with the flu! So scratch what I said yesterday, lol!
Anyhow, I did have a productive day– no workout again but I did nail a bunch of baseboards to make my house look more finished and I cleaned my twin’s closet and did laundry.

My DD Gracie tried to go to school, but I had to go get her at 11:30 cuz she had a fever again– she was so sad that she missed the Christmas Celebration.

Tia came home CRYING saying she felt so SICK, so now we have 5/6th of our family who’s gotten the flu– Layla is the only one left untouched.  I PRAY she won’t get it!

I have a ton of shopping to do– so I’m going to see if I can’t get my MIL and BIL and DH to do it for me while I lay in bed today 🙁

Hope all of you feel 100x’s better than I do today~ LOVE, Michelle

“28 days of Christmas” final entry~

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Sun, 2012/12/23 – 10:06am — BuffMother


XMAS Day 28!!! You made it!!
Congrats on keeping focused on your health and fitness
this busy time of year.  I expect that you’ve got some
great momentum to hit your New Years resolutions STRONG!!

Please do me a huge favor and submit your entry…
You may just WIN a cool prize (I’m giving away a
BuffMother “STARTER PACK”+ a BuffMother shirt)

Final Submission Form: “28 Days of Christmas” Contest:

Number of children:

How do you feel the 28 days of Christmas helped
you during this crazy holiday season?

Please summarize your performance in this contest?

Are you happy with the results?

Who encouraged/inspired you the most during this contest?

Did you share #workoutproof pics? if so where?

Please list your starting stats compared with
your finishing stats here:

Please share at least ONE picture when sending in you
submission to me via e-mail: michelle@buffmother.com

Your friend,

p.s. submission is due december 30th…also if you took starting stats, please take them again!
here’s a link to stat info: http://buffmother.com/?p=6916

A week….

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Thu, 2012/12/27 – 9:39am — BuffMother

A week lost to being sick is no fun!

But there is always a SUNNY SIDE~

  • A week off has opened my eyes to how the other 80% of americans live without exercising- http://abcnews.go.com/Health/cdc-report-americans-exercise/story?id=12932072#.UNxmhbam4wY
  • A week off of workouts due to  the holiday hustle and bussle is WAY Better than missing the entire month!
  • A week off workouts can heal up some little “nagging” injuries
  • A week off can make you HUNGRY for a workout bother mentally and physically
  • A week off can make you understand how much better you sleep and feel when you exercise
  • A week off can make you realize how much fun it is to take #workoutproof pics and wear SASSY SOCKS!!

I’m ready to get back to it today~ Get my MOJO on for the NEW YEAR and take my “ending” stats and pics for the 28 days of Christmas contest.

Hope you had a MERRY CHRISTAMS and you are HUNGRY to get back TO IT like me!!
love ya’s,


2012 interesting stuff~

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Mon, 2012/12/31 – 12:50pm — BuffMother

2012 my goal was to “delve in 2012″~ And that I did!!  I experienced life in a very different way than any others.  My first year living on a “farm”– I guess it’s more of a ranch

Jan-I learned how to build and use fire as a way to “work” my land; Started working out with my son after school…it was good bonding time
Feb- I started running “hills” on my land oh they are killer and awesome at the same time!! My twins turned 9!!
March- I experienced real “skiing” for the first in Keystone with my dear friend Sherry
April-I learned to love to workout at home
May- Ran a Warrior Dash Race for the first and last time– had a blast with my Team BuffMother Friends!!
June- DD Layla had a bad couple weeks- her appendix burst and then she got bit by a dog 🙁
had a “stay-cation” with my Hubby on the Ranch;
Got my first gun- a Walther P-22 hand gun
Shot a snake with my gun- my first “kill” with it
July- Flew to MN to pick up my kids from MN– Drove them home…what a long drive! My Oldest child, my son turned 13~ Travis and I took our conceal to carry class
August- Our 19th wedding anniversary on which we celebrated with fire, and armadillo hunting (we shot 3 that night)
September-I started tennis lessons
October- went to Dallas and to MN for the weddings of my 2 ring bearers- my nephew and brother
November- Thanksgiving and then the anniversary of our MOVE to the country– wow!! We have so much to be thankful for!
December- My DD Gracie had a rough month- braces, oral surgery and then the family (including her) got the flu.  The good news is she had a fun B-day and turned 1



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