28 days of Christmas: Day 18

It’s the 18th day into our 28 day contest, Congrats for STAYING with us!!! It’s an “ACTIVE” rest day today~ so be sure to do something active (Like shopping, a cardio workout or some yardwork)

Today’s task is to LEARN about YOUR HABITS!

#1-Learn about yourself and why you want to  break the your bad Habits- ask yourself questions like when did this become a problem? when did I have this habit in the past? what is the root of the habit?  why do I do what I do?

#2- Learn about ways other have broken the same habit– Google is amazing! Or, heck, go old-school and hit the library or book store for some resources! Take action NOW to learn about your how to BREAK your bad HABITS!

Please Share what you learn with us in a comment here!!



3 Replies to “28 days of Christmas: Day 18

  1. I learned that in last 2 years that the reason I was skipping workouts was that I was not budgeting my time properly. Also for the 1st time in my life I had actually moved my workouts to the bottom of my list thinking it was selfish of me to workout when I needed to clean or study. Now I have implemented a set time to work out and have broken the habit off putting it off to do other things. My health is just as important as studying or a clean house. I just needed to be reminded. Unfortunately that came with the price of gaining 17 pounds in 2 years. However with proper nutrition and exercise it is coming off 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you came to that realization!! You are right you need to put a priority on your health— keep that mindset 🙂

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