Enter this GIVE AWAY!!

Enter this GIVE AWAY!! For a BuffMother “STARTER PACK” it ends 12/17 at 12am…so enter soon and often!!
THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER– the winner= SUSAN!! Congrats lady!!

More info on the “STARTER Pack”:3 DVD’s with 2 bands+ my 2 books, 2 month supply of HT Pills with dispensers is the perfect STARTER PACK for a new BuffMother!  It’s also a great “gift” pack to share with your family and friends. An $85+ value!!

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30 Replies to “Enter this GIVE AWAY!!

  1. I love love love all of your pages, the inspiration and motivation I get is unbelievable!!!
    I would love to win this. What a great way to stay focused!!!

    Thanks For All You do Michelle!!!
    1 Girl Gettin Fit

  2. It is so refreshing to see a mom of 4 who found her mojo again!! Before children I worked out 5 days a week, ate well and felt fantastic. 4 kids later i’m struggling with an identity crisis when it comes to fitness and clean eating. I am terrified to pass along bad habits to my kids.

  3. Love your page! I’ve only had one child but I’m currently training for my first bikini competition in May! This would definitely help with my prep!!

  4. I LOVE that your site is so inspirational to women and makes you feel like you CAN get a body like yours even after having kids…I am having a very hard time with my diet though…I am 44 years old and going through full blown menopause and my hormones are wreaking havoc on my weight. I can’t seem to lose anything. When I eat carb free, I maintain but can’t seem to lose, then I get discouraged and go for the first sweet thing I see and eat all of it. Then I feel like I can’t stop eating sweets! Can Hormonal Timing work for me?

  5. Any suggestions for someone with fibromyalgia? Every time I try and start your workouts i end up way too sore the next few days and can’t seem to get back on track. You are a huge inspiration!

  6. You are a great inspiration to many of us! Somewhere between baby #2 and #3 , I’ve lost all motivation to workout… I need something to “boost” me and get me started. I think I need to start writing goals down, loading my MP3 player with some new tunes, and get my groove on. All this is easier said than done to me right now. 😛 What keeps you motivated?

  7. I always learn so much more following you 🙂
    I learned about you a few years ago from a friend & bought your books. Reading them made such sense to me…Now exercising in synch with my hormones has changed how I feel about myself & my workouts! I am able to forgive my weak days & push myself further on my great days! I have turned a couple friends on to your methods by working with your body & not against it & they now feel the same way..Soooo now we will always joke “Oh, it’s just your hormones LOL”

    Thanks Michelle for keeping me motivated & for your inspiration! you ROCK!! I can’t thank you enough for all the free advice, contests & information you give all of us as wanna be Buff-mothers out there! You are absolutely amazing not just on the outside but also on the inside! xxoo

  8. Hi Michelle!
    Thanks for doing a give-away! You’re always doing things at no cost for us women/mama’s, you have such a generous heart. I was wondering if its okay to take your supplements while nursing? (I’m only nursing part time now).

  9. Thanks Kelly, I Believe you can find it Kelley!
    Take one day at a time and be sure to take actions towards your long term goals. You must take it in baby steps~ soon you’ll find your BUFFMOJO!!

  10. Sweet to hear you have a solid goal Corinna!! Hit the workouts hard this winter and you’ll be strutting your STUFF come MAY!! Good Luck!!

  11. I know that we’ve had many Team BuffMother members find a sense of calm during menopause through using the HT Training program. IT really helps you identify what symptoms are hormonal and gives you a method to work through it. Also, my Supplements really do help with hormone fluctuations. Low Carb/No Carb is the only way my body responds also~ I wish it were not true, but I have a very bad case of insulin resistance. Workouts and Diet are my MEDICINE to feeling and functioning at full capacity. You owe it to yourself to take your MEDICINE, lol! Best wishes Suzanne!!

  12. You have to start very slow and be VERY consistent~ Fibro will improve with consistent exercise, but you have to be very deliberate to allow your body to get into shape at a pace that it can handle. Start with a small 10 min workout daily, then work up to 15 mins, etc…take it slow!! Also supplements really do help~ Amino acids like NO2, Creatine and L-gluamine are very good for helping recovery.

  13. I stay motivated by my BUFFMOTHER TEAMmates~ I can’t let them down! Also, always having a scary goal helps. Some I’ve done: races, figure contests, bikini contests, takle football, MMA training, warrior dash, photoshoots and now my goal is tennis. Scary things keep me accountable to do my workouts!

  14. I love HELPING any way I can~ 🙂 ON the supplements, they should be fine, but just to be sure I’d check with your DR.

  15. Could be a lot of things~ HORMONES are HUGE!! AND…be sure to lift heavy~ MUSCLE BURNS FAT + it stimulates good hormones in your body to help you lean up!!

  16. I look to your blogs and facebook posts to help me grow in the learning process of building not only a better body, but a better me. I like you have had 3 kids very close together and find it difficult sometimes to remember to take time for myself. Winning this would be a huge advantage to me because I live on the top of a mountain. Working out for me is done with motivation I read from others and finding out how I can use the things around me to get there. An actual gym is not an option in my case but I still push myself as hard as I can with what I have to use to get there. It’s great to see someone realistically being the best person that they can be for themselves as well as for their family. I want to be an inspiration for my kids like I’m sure you are to yours!

  17. Michelle I love that you are constantly trying to find ways to help, inspire and motivate us! You and the whole Buffmother team are what keeps me inspired even through the many trials that my life hands me. Reading and seeing your comments and workout proof pics as well as everyone else just makes me want to do more. You constantly show how we help ourselves by helping others! Keep up the good work!

  18. I am sooo excited about this giveaway. I want to win it , but I hope that it goes to the person who needs them the most 🙂
    You are such an inspiration to me , never stop what you are doing. What you are doing to improve lives extends beyond fitness. You made a huge impact in my life for the better. Thank you !!!

  19. It’s the luck of the draw on the raffle– the winner was selected by a computer program- the winner’s name is SUSAN 🙂

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