28 days of Christmas: Day 11

XMAS Day 11: Today is  another day off of official workouts.  Today would be a good day for a walk, easy run, a game of tennis, a yoga workout, etc…

You should also take at least 5 mins out of your day to look a the week ahead.  We are getting closer to the Christmas!!!  2.5 weeks are left for you to see results, are you making progress?? what do you need to do this week to keep your mojo going?

Fri-Lower body +ABS
Sa-Upper body +ABS+ Intervals
Sun- OFF~
Mon- START PHASE 2~ Lower body +ABS
Tue-Upper body +ABS+ Intervals
Wed- “off” day
Thurs- BONUS workout- run

What is your plan of ATTACK?  POA~mine is to really kick it in regarding my workouts~!  I am also going to focus hard on getting in at least 125g’s (because my goal weight is 125) of protein each day!




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