28 days of Christmas: Day 9

XMAS Day 9:

I just love, love, love Tuesdays!!  Today is an exciting day in the Berger home.


My excitement lies in getting in a good workout and getting my house clean Mom w/kids and groceries

On tap for this 9th day of the contest is another upper body workout~ I re-ingnited my desire to lift heavy yesterday from my own post about muscle!!
Here’s a link to that workout http://buffmother.com/6916/28-days-of-christmas-day-2

I am excited to build up my fat furnaces!!!  AND I am now finishing my Boosting phase~   So my workouts are now going to be HEAVIER weights for lower reps.  3 sets of 6 and more rest between sets!

BTW-  next Thursday we’ll start with the Phase 2 workouts- from the workout download sheet.  So you only have 3 workouts left in Phase 1- today’s upper body,  a lower body and one more upper body. Let’s make the most of them!!!  Bench Press

Let’s all have an AWESOME DAY!!



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