28 Days of Christmas: Day 7

Hello it’s XMAS Day #7 …I have Lot’s to do, lots to do!!  Good thing it’s our “off” day!!! Mom w/kids and groceries
It sure looks like many of you have enjoyed a couple really, really good workouts so far this week, are you sore?  You need to be sure your diet is supporting your workout.  We need to eat and fuel our bodies to perform, Food is FUEL!!!

Let’s talk FOOD!

Here is a bit of info about how I’d like you to approach your relationship with FOOD:
“The KEY to a successful diet is to make it a
Expect a Learning Curve toward LIFESTYLE!!
The key to a successful diet is to make it a LIFESTYLE. As I always preach regarding diet “Keep It Simple Sweetheart” (KISS)is the best way to do this. My main-focus on my diet is to keep it simple and doable with my crazy schedule. I now simply count my portions as I go through the day. However, when I first was
learning to eat right, planning was a vital part of the learning curve. So get out
your journal and PLAN how you can fit in the proper portions of your diet in
each day. Soon you will be KISSing~
follow these steps in order when making your meal plan for the day:
#1- Plan to Perform
As I mentioned in “Fuel your body to perform,”  timing your
main carbohydrate carb (C) portions around workouts will allow you to have strong,
effective and productive workouts.
#2- Proteins and greens
Fill up the rest of your daily meals with proteins (P) and greens (G) then
your left over serving(s) of carbs (C).
#3- Work with your body
Make sure to account for your natural body rhythms. Are you a big morning
eater or the opposite? I am a big evening eater, so I plan for that. I eat light in
the morning and early afternoon because I know I’ll easily get in the rest of my
calories later. Don’t ignore your natural tendencies if you want this to become
a lifestyle vs. a short-term DIET.
#4- Eat often
Shoot to eat every 3-4 hours in order to keep an even energy flow. Remember
the fact that food is FUEL…your body and mind don’t function well on
empty. Shoot for 4-5 meals daily.
#5- Fat can be GOOD
Make sure you are eating enough fat or you will be HUNGRY and be more
tempted to cheat. Fat is also very important for proper hormone production,
prevention of aging and maintenance of energy levels.
#6- Drink water like a fish!
Are you unsatisfied after a meal? Are you a bottomless pit? Oftentimes we
feel this way when we are actually thirsty. Water is also an important transporter
of both nutrients and toxins. Without enough, it is hard for your body
to lose fat. So drink up! To optimize digestion, try to limit water consumption
during your meals. Your main water consumption needs to be between meals,
optimally 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes after meals.



Food Choice TIPS:
  •          Choose natural foods over man-made foods (artificial sweeteners, low fat products, packaged/processed foods, etc). I would rather see youeat “whole fat” items than man-made toxins. They are not worth usingto “save” calories. Instead of helping your weight loss efforts, theywill leave you with toxins in your body. Toxins create all sorts of issuesanging from bloating, muscle aches, digestive issues, swollen glands,cellulite, skin blemishes, etc. Try your best to eliminate them from yourdiet. FLUSH those toxins out!! This is termed eating “CLEAN.”


  •          I highly encourage you to vary your food choices. For instance, my daily goal for my protein intake is to have one portion of red meat, one ofeggs, one of poultry, one of fish, and one of soy or whey. Variety isneeded both for you mentally and physically. The same thing goes for your carbohydrate, fat and green choices.


  •          Try to limit your protein supplements (powders, bars, etc.) to 1 (at most 2) servings a day; real food is always best.




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