SSS 2nd Place! Brenda of NC


“SuperSTAR Success” 2nd Place winner!! Brenda of NC

Brenda!! congrats on showing us how 50 is the new 30.  Your SMILE beaming in your after photos makes me unafraid of my next decade in life!! It’s so awesome to see how you took the challenge on and got such amazing results.  Congrats on your 2nd place finish.  I can’t wait to see you continue on with your fitness success!!

Name:  Brenda  of North Calrolina

Number of children and ages:   I have 3 children.  Two of my children are biological and one of them is adopted.  (I only mention that because I can’t claim stretch marks for all 3 of them! J)  Their ages are 19, 16, and 10 years—two sons and a daughter!)

Age:  51 & ¾ years young!  (Actually, I think that makes me more than half a century old!)

Why did you enter the “SuperSTAR Success” contest by BuffMother?  I entered the SuperSTAR Success contest because I wanted to get healthier (both physically and emotionally) and hopefully look better in the process.  I wanted to prove (at least to myself) that age is just a number.  If I was in shape “way back when,” I was hoping I could get in even better shape in my 50’s!  I needed an incentive to stick to my work out goals.

What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days?  I checked out the Buff Mother website every day, watched the videos, and read suggestions from Michelle.  I kept a journal of my daily food intake (for the entire 10 weeks), and I made myself work out even when I did not really feel like it.

How do you feel about your success?  I am very excited about my progress!  I feel like I got a good jump start on getting back in shape, but I still have some goals to reach.  I know if I stay focused, consistent, and continue to gain information about the body (and hormonal timing) those future goals will be within my grasp.
What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to attain your goals? I have a back and hip issue that can bother me on occasion, so I continually have to figure out how to work around/through that.  There is that moment of decision where you need to determine if it is more appropriate to “work it” or “rest it.”  I also struggle at times with what might be early peri-menopausal changes.  I would love to learn more about the exercise connection in that area!  In both of these cases, though, I am convinced that exercise and fitness can only be an asset!

What would you like to tell the world about BuffMother ?  Michelle, aka BuffMother, is so motivating!  If Michelle, with her 4 children, is able to achieve her fitness goals, then the rest of us can do it too!  I loved the way she demonstrated the exercises in the videos, and I loved the way she showed us how we can work out at home.  I prefer to go to the gym, because I feel like the limited distractions enable me to get a better work out.  However, after seeing Michelle model the exercises at home, I was inspired to do the same.  If I had a schedule change one day, I thought about Michelle’s demo, and I gave it my best shot at home.  Through Michelle’s coaching, I was inspired to try new exercises, perform exercises I have not done in years, listen to my body, and lift heavier weights.  I loved the “cooking” video (my kind of micro-veggies!)  And, the asparagus in the teeth made me smile!  I would highly recommend Buff Mother to anyone who wants the inspiration and information to get in shape!  Thanks, Michelle, for sharing your knowledge and gift of inspiration with all of us!
Can I have your permission to post your entry and photos online?  Yes—(first name only please).

#2-Beginning/Ending STATS-

To enter submit at least the basic 5 measurements~

DATES taken-    8/23/12              10/27/12                       

Height:               5’2”                   5’2”              
Weight:                        131 lbs             123 lbs             (Lost 8 pounds!)
Bust:                   37”                   36”                (Lost 1 inch!
L–It’s the only place I did not want to lose!)
Waist:                  31”                  28 ½”             (Lost 2 ½ inches!)
Hips:                   39”                  36 ½”             (Lost 2 ½ inches!)


#3- Before and After Pictures

Brenda from NC- Before

Brenda from NC – After 10 Weeks



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