HI all~ Well….I’ve had a busy but GREAT past few days!! Yesterday I took of of workouts– not on purpose, but that’s what happened.  Today I have tennis drills and I’m so excited!! It was a blast last week 🙂 I’d also LOVE to get in a leg workout and/run…I probabaly shouldn’t do all of it though because I’ll be DEAD if I do.  It’s been fun recently to “feel” like working out .  I had a long spell there where I didn’t and it’s hard to have to “make yourself” do it every time.
Today’s THANK YOU! ~ I am thankful for every amazing female hero of mine– they are the women who forge ahead to impact the world, leading by example and have a no excuses attitude. I have many such heros, but today I want to say THANK YOU to 3 specific ladies: Joyce Meyer (www.joycemeyer.org), Laurie Beth Jones (www.lauriebethjones.com) and Heidi Baker (http://irismin.org/). May God continue to

use you in the lives of women, like He’s used you to impact my life!! I have learned so much through your tenacity, example of hard work and through your evident FAITH. Thanks for spreading your LOVE and Light!! Thank YOU!! “I never understood why people want to do big things… Just do little things, with great Love.” — Mama Heidi Baker


Keep being thankful and pressing into the positives in life!!






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