Thank You Minivan!

This weekend was a good one~

Saturday morning my hubby shot a buck…it was the first on our land and very sentimental!!  We brought it in to the meat processor and it’ll be some good eating~

That afternoon I hit the trail for a run, It was crazy warm for November 11th.  It was also VERY WINDY, but nice where I ran as it’s sheltered from the wind.

After the run Travis and I climbed up on the roof of our house and enjoyed the evening looking for deer~ Here’s my view:

Saturday’s thank you: Thank you God for my beautiful land!!

Yesterday was GLOOMY and rainy all day!! I was so thankful that it was NOT SNOW(Sunday’s thank you)!!

I got in a decent leg workout~ and this MOVE, No clue what exercise I’m doing?? LOL– It must have wore me out cuz I crashed while watching sunday night football.

Today is sunny again but started off really cold!!  Gracie has an impacted tooth so we visited the otho who recommended surgery and braces for the little lady.  It’s going to mean a lot of extra driving over then next 9 months!  Today, my thank you is to my mini-van:

Dear Mini-Van, You are black and dirty, but I love you~ Thanks for getting our whole family (+1 at times) to where we need to go.  I appreciate your storage space and smooth ride.  Although, I hate your unstylish appearance and lack of EDGINESS~ and I’d trade you for a HUMMER in a heartbeat, You are what I got for now~ I do love you and I THANK YOU!!


Time for me to get rollin’ my workout can’t wait any longer!!

Have a super Monday!! Love, Michelle



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