Secret Santa “Sassy Sock” Exchange~

2012 Secret Santa “Sassy Sock” exchange for Team BuffMother.

CHRISTMAS is coming quick!!  Over the years in Team BuffMother,  we’ve always had a fun time Celebrating the Season– This year we are going to do a “Sassy Sock” Secret Santa exchange– It should be fun!!

Sorry you missed the DEADLINE for SIGN UP was NOVEMBER 19th~

You will be required to purchase and send a gift of FUN SASSY Socks (the cute long ones perfect to wear for workouts or with boots) to another Team BuffMother member as their SECRET SANTA.

Here’s a simple example-

And some other images I put on facebook-

In return you will be sent a pair for your enjoyment as well!!  We will email you your Secret Santa “assignee” info no later than December 1.

Thanks and please share, like and comment on the blog post with any questions!!

Merry Christmas!!
Love, Michelle

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  1. International Ladies please go ahead and sign up– we’ve got tons of ladies all over the world in Team BuffMother– we’ll strive to pair you with a “local” secret santa…If there are not any within your area, we’ll let you know and you can opt out.

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