“MAINTENANCE” is a myth

Each and every new month, I like to give myself a theme and set specific goals for my fitness.  I am a big believer that “MAINTENANCE” is a myth- we are either moving forward or backwards in life, and more specifically in our fitness!

My goal is to keep the mojo I’ve gained over the past couple months!

I have 2 specific fitness goals:

1- I want to stay excited for Tennis…I’ve changed my lesson day to Tues and added in a FRIDAY Drills day!!  the extra time on the court will help me to keep progressing!!

2- Based upon my “after” photos from the SSS I need to  be STAUNCH about work my legs/booty HARD at least 2x’s a week !!

As for a theme of the month…I am all over sharing success stories.  I’ve had good intentions for a long time about this goal– but keep putting it off and being lax about updating www.BuffMother.com with them.  NO MORE– this month is all about giving PROPS to some amazing TEAM BUFFMOTHER ladies.

Speaking of which, I continue to get SSS contest entries (I’ve emailed confirmation to everyone whom I’ve received) !! thanks so much for all the effort and kind words!! The SSS was a SUCCESS!!  The last day to get your entry in is MONDAY the 5th.

This week has been a bit of a mish, mosh for workouts– nothing structured, just doing whatever I want.  I’ll start back to more of a set routine come next week-

Monday- tennis with my girls

Tues- Push ups and other chest exercises, plus some squats, a short run + 4 sprints

Wed- Tennis and Trampoline, Did photos, Walk during trick or treat-

Yesterday I did a mish mosh of exercises– Bench, shoulder press, bicep curls, dips, dead lifts, abs

TGIF ladies, I’m heading out for my run in a bit– it’s very nice here today!





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