Make November Thank YOU month in your life!!

I challenge YOU to make the most of the Thanksgiving season and make November “Thank You!!” Month~
Here’s some tips and ideas on how to do it:
1– take 10 minutes today and make a list of all the people in your life that you could say “thank you” to …aim for a list of 30- one for each day of November
2– take a couple minutes each day to say “Thank You” to that person at the beginning of your daily journal status or  blog  post
3– make sure to follow through by thanking them personally too!
Let’s have fun with it~~”
Thank YOU”!!!

Now here is my START to this Challenge:

NOV 1-Thank you my son, Gunner!
Thanks to Gunner, I am a Mommy!
Thanks to Gunner, I have a boy whom I can cheer on in Football and in all the BOY things of life!!
Thanks to Gunner, I realize how much of my own attributes were passed on!
Thanks to Gunner, I have yet another man who will love me and whom I will love forever!!!
Thank You Gunner for being the BEST son in the whole world!!!
I picked Gunner to thank today because he had his last 7th grade Football game tonight…It’s been a tough season for them. Lots of losses and getting used to their growing bodies, lol!
Thank you Gunner for being you~! I love you!

NOV 2- Thank you my Family!!
So for this second day of the month, I’d like to say “Thank YOU” to my Family…Meaning my extended family…My parents, siblings, the in laws, etc…I want to thank them for all the love and support they given me through the years. Family is important because at the end of the day, no one will ever care for you as much as your family.
I picked today to thank them because it is my youngest brothers birthday today, Matthew is  24 now married and on his honeymoon!!  Happy Birthday! I think God was preparing me a bit for motherhood by giving me a brother that was 14 years younger than me. I babysat him a ton the first 2 years of his life! And then I got a car, so I managed to do it less as I grew older, lol!
Thank YOU my family!! I love you!
I want to thank the Originals!!! The original founding leaders of TEAM BUFFMOTHER and our Private Women’s only area Did you know that at that we started way back when as a Yahoo! group??  I don’t believe yahoo groups even exist anymore, lol!!  We quickly out grew that format and as members wanted more security, leaders began to emerged there….The “originals”  were invited in in Jan of 2006 prior to us even opening the our membership area to the world on March 1, 2006. They tested it and were instrumental in welcoming all the newcomers when we did open up.
Since then they have all made an enormous impact on countless members of  TEAM BUFFMOTHER and the Rally Room, including ME!!
Thank YOU so much for your devotion, positive energy and leadership in making TEAM BUFFMOTHER and the Rally Room  the BEST support group for women in the WORLD!!!
I LOVE You!!

And TODAY!! November 5th– Thank you HUBBY!
Today, I want to thank my DH Travis! He is my best friend EVER and is the reason I am BuffMother!! Travis, I can’t begin to describe all the reasons why I love you so much and all the value you’ve added to my life, but I an so thankful to God that you are in my life!
Thank you for your encouragement!
Thank you for your sacrifices you make to care for me and our kids!
Thank you for your involvement in my life!
Thank you for your LOVE!
Thank you for your desire to be with me over anyone else in the world!
Thank you for desire to see me succeed! I love that you are my Lover and my Friend!!
Thank YOU!!

Who should you say THANK YOU to in your life?What’s stopping you~ take the challenge and shoot to say thank you to someone every day this month~ Make November Thank YOU month in your life!!

GET BUFF~ in mind, body and spirit!!



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