another SSS in the BOOKS!

Another SuperSTAR Success Contest is in the books! WOW!!  70 days went by really fast- I love that, but also wonder where the time has gone??

I’m getting a good number of entries already, but certainly hope many more are coming soon!!
Here’s the info for submission once again-


ON my personal front…I’m still dealing with some “sickies”.  My son is home sick from school today and I’ve been still a bit bogged down with feeling a little sick myself??  I didn’t take my pics yesterday as I had wanted– I’ll get them and my measurements done tomorrow instead.

I rested yesterday except for a couple hour hike through the woods with Travis– it was AWESOME!  It’s the first time we’ve been able to go for a hike in the woods since last year– He tore his meniscus last fall and finally got surgery on it this August.  It’s so nice to have him healthy again!!

This afternoon once the girls get home I’ll hit the tennis courts with them for a bit and then we’ll carve pumpkins tonight!  They are so fired up for Halloween– but all of them are SCARED Sill, I found all 3 of my girls in bed together this morning, lol!!  I told them yesterday at the store we’ll focus on decorating for CHRISTMAS instead of halloween.

SPEAKING OF CHRISTMAS…In Team BuffMother, We’ve done gift exchanges and card exchanges in previous years– This year we are going to do a “Sassy Sock” secret Santa exchange– It should be fun!! I’ll be posting details soon!!

Have a SAFE night!!

Love, Michelle



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  1. Hey Michelle! Weird coincidence, my three year old is sick and today I am not quite 100% either. I am stoked to see some of the entries from the contest. I just want to say thank you for letting me be a part. I feel not great about my photos, because I didn’t have my hair done or any makeup or anything… but my abdomen area changed like WHOA. lol You’re a terrific person for sharing all this, I really appreciate you.

  2. Thanks for the sweet note Jenee!! I love that you feel the changes in your body– If you’d like to submit another “dolled up” picture you certainly can 🙂

  3. I’m going to leave my entry as it is. I think the results I see are enough of a prize, even if I don’t win anything. I am taking this week off since my other child is sick too, so I’m afraid my “dolled up” photos would look softer. You are awesome, and a friend of mine (also named Michelle) asked me about you the other day. She’s a Christian, mom, and has always thought she was “stuck” with her body. She’s following you on FB now so hopefully you will hear from her soon! Have a terrific day!

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