Let’s Stay Connected!!!

Our SuperSTAR Success contest is going great!! Thanks for all the feeback you’ve given this week during “check in” time!! It is always so much fun to have interaction from you!!

I’ve been posting tons of information, videos, encouragement and answers on my blog, facebook, youtube and most of all in the rally room.  Please be sure to take some time to connect by posting a bit in any of these amazing online places.
Thanks for all your support of BuffMother~ I am truly blessed by each an every action you take to help me reach more people!!

Let’s stay connected, FOREVER!!
Love, Michelle

Helpful ways to Connect:

Official BuffMother Website: http://BuffMother.com
TEAM BuffMother Rally Room:  http://therallyroom.com
Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/buffmother
Facebook BuffMother Page: https://www.facebook.com/BuffMotherPage
Facebook TEAM BuffMother Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/buffmother/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BuffMother
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/buffmother
Pinterst: http://pinterest.com/buffmother/

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4 Replies to “Let’s Stay Connected!!!

  1. Been working hard, diet is clean, workouts are over the top! Body sore! Body fat test had great results. Im down 4% from last year at this time. my lean body mass went up 4 pounds, that is my biggest celebration! Means im gaining muscle! Keep up the MOJO everyone, I need your positive energy!!

  2. Half way there……already!! It’s time for me to get my diet back on track. I have very obvious ‘hormonal’ eating issues. But now I’m tracking them using the HIF I know when it’ll happen. I just have to ensure my willpower is on top of it. And that’s when the lovely Team BuffMother ladies help. The support is unbelievable – truly amazing. I’m going to wait another week until rechecking my stats as I’ve been a bit slack since Friday due to a pesky cold. So next Tuesday I’ll see how I’m getting on.

  3. NICE job Susan! I agree, you have really continued to improve your body since last year. TIME is such a valuable asset when we consistently challenge our bodies!! Keep at it!!

  4. Support is awesome isn’t it!! Stay connected as you are inspiring others in your journey too!!

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