September Goals!

Well, I feel a bit soggy today as Isaac is here dumping it’s remnant rain on us today.  We need the rain since we’ve had a drought and are 11 inches behind for the year.  It’s a perfect day to work on the computer and think about my September goals.

September Fitness Goals:

  • Last year I had a goal to run every other day in September– I’m going to do that again.  I’ll start tomorrow and run on every ODD day of the month~ that’ll help me improve on my running a bunch!
  • I am starting the month with a Boosting phase– I am actually going to do a BIG TIME BOOST– eating a lot more than usual and trying to gain weight– I have been trying to “lose” for way to long– I need to RESET and BOOST my metabolism– then I’ll be set up to finish the month with a GREAT Buffing phase.
  • Another fitness goal of mine is to get my DH working out again– he wants me to “force” him to workout.  Not the easiest task, but I guess I can put on my DRILL SERGEANT cap for the task and get it done.
  • Keep up with my tennis lessons and try to get in ONE other day of playing each week– I’ll have to get my son, DD or my DH to help me with that.


September Personal goals:

  • Keep accomplishing renovation projects– the list is endless, but the main ones of focus are Gunner’s room completion and Fixing up the shed.
  • Learn to shoot a shotgun
  • TAXES!– once again I am behind, I must get them done
  • Get in the habit of going to church again– since we’ve moved, we haven’t gone…bad!!

September Business goals:

  • Keep everyone engaged and fired up for the SSS contest- keep sending out update emails, uploading content and promoting it on the web (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • Continue work on site update
  • Get “band” workout DVD’s in store- i have 3 DVD’s from my “slimchick” program
  • Run a SEPTEMBER BLOWOUT sale– Big savings on stuff in my STORE! — look for this next week 🙂

September is going to be a great month!!



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