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#3-Starting Thoughts: Where are you in your journey? I’m in a transition…I’ve been working hard, just not quite to a place of “peace” with my performance, consistency and discipline.  I’ve made good progress in my fitness level the past 3 months– yet, I want more.  I’m on the attack to get MORE!

What are your goals and aspirations? My goals are not so much to do with fitness as it is my fitness BUSINESS.  IT’s time again to attack some business goals~ that’s what will motivate me to take my fitness to the next level, it all goes hand in hand.  My aspiration is the same as it’s been for years. “TO HELP WOMEN REALIZE THEIR DREAMS!”

Fitness wise I am working on my diet and I am going to start taking tennis lessons cheerleaders

Where do you see this challenge taking you? I see it taking me through several distractions this fall– football season, 2 weddings and the other CHAOs of life…I see myself as a success when I confidently put on a sexy fun Halloween costume this year!  It’s going to be a fun holiday season and beyond!!

Do you feel that you are fully committed to completing it? YES, I’m totally on the hook to stay comitted to this contest!

Do you have and fear or concerns? I do have the fear of getting sick– I suffer from chronic UTI infections- each time I get one it sets me back a month in my fitness.  It seems that STRESS is the main reason I get them– also as I get lighter and leaner i have more of a tendency to get them.  It holds me back from attaining my goals.  I have to pay very close attention to my nutrition and stress levels as we go through our 70 days so that I can stay healthy!

What is your REASON for doing this, your WHY? My number one goal is to get back to feeling in control of myself.  I’ve been lacking focus and discipline for the past few months.  I love accomplishing things, but I know that takes discipline.

Are you excited about your support group? Yes, I’m very excited about the Rally Room again…I think its the best place in the world to make friends and long lasting connections with women of similar minds and goals.  I love the privacy of it too– I feel safe here!

How are you going to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days? I have almost too many ways– one new item is a family menu.  I have evening meals planned out on a weekly rotation.  It’ll be a great way to make eating better easy and help me teach my kids to cook.  Soon I’ll have 4 personal chefs!

Will you reward yourself if you hit certain goals along the way? Yes, I always find reasons to reward myself…lol!  I want to buy a nice dress for both the weddings I’m attending on October and a fun Halloween costume.  All 3 items will require intense focus over the first 7 weeks of the contest!

What other thoughts are in your head at the moment? I’m excited– and DETERMINED! I had a great time promoting this contest around the internet– I certainly hope that excitement stays strong over the next 10 weeks so that we can see some SUPER STAR RESULTS!!

*** Be sure to begin with the END in mind, by reading through the SSS Contest FINAL Entryform****

#4- CHART your HORMONES GET to know your body~! Chart how you feel on a daily basis…START NOW!!! Here is a GREAT chartto use straight from my book

I’m charting mine right here this month

#5- Journal/Blog Daily




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  1. Michelle, I will be 47 on November 20th. I want to be the best 47 I can be. My children range in ages from 26 all the way down to 17 months . They are all girls and I want them to see me fit and healthy and HERE! This is what motivates me! This contest, win or lose is a way to reclaim the me that I see in my head and remember from a long time ago. Thank you for reminding me that she’s in there.

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