Getting it out of my system!!

I was instructed by a wise woman to “GET IT OUT OF MY SYSTEM” this week in preparation for the SSS contest that starts on Monday– so that’s what I did yesterday, LOL!  I took the day off of workouts, went out to eat, had dessert and some other TREATS!  It was a defining moment of BEING DONE with all that business!!!!  BTW- yesterday evening TOM came with no pain or probelms– much better than how mean he was last month!

Now it’s time to get down to it~ I plan to rock the this contest!

I have my HT charting and SSS journal read to roll- I have my workout plan in place- I’ll be going shopping for food later today and Now, I just need to journal some of my thoughts and goals:

2 . JOURNAL…take some time to JOURNAL.

Write it down!! I’d like to encourage you to write about 3 specific things:

  • When were you at your peak physical condition?– Seems like ages ago that I felt at my peak– Last year when I played football I felt good for a month or so, prior to that 2 years ago when I went to Vegas in September and to Cali in November of 2010-  I felt really good for several months– If I could get back to that place by the end of this contest I’d be very happy.  I’m in a good “starting” spot right now, but not close to my peak– I may need a fitness goal?
  • Do you remember how great you felt both mentally and physically?–Yep, I remember feeling very pleased with my confidence level in not only my body/appearance but I was ON in my mind and spirit- I really had a sense of pure happiness in my spirit– I could feel GOD ‘”shining” through me!  I want that back more than anything else!!
  • What do you have to change about your current habits to attain results like that again?–is this HONESTY TIME??  I have to become much more disciplined in every area of my life.  I need to stop giving myself permission to do whatever I want whenever I want.  LOL~ i’ve been working on this the past few weeks.  I’ve been doing much, much better– I know the SSS contest will help me keep focused and give me even more motivation to be disciplined.  School starts next week so that’ll give me more structure and allow me to “plan” my days a bit easier, YAY!! Another thing I need to change is taking steps to ensure my “health” is intact.  Now that I’m getting closer to 40, I feel that prevention and KNOWLEDGE about my body is even more vital.  Getting some tests done at the DR’s office in September will help me feel more at peace with myself.
  • What is your #1 goal for the next 70 days?What are the “solutions” you must stay focused upon in order to attain that goal?  — My goal is NOT to lose weight (although if I dropped 5 pounds I’d be excited)– My goal is to be a more healthy version of ME- physically, mentally and especially spiritually!  I’ve just been a bit INCONSISTENT with a few areas in my life….I know that I won’t attain my goals with out being extra disciplined.  My #1goal is to finish the contest being proud of my efforts during the 70 days. 


I’m going to keep thinking about some more of my specific goals. I need to make some good “to do” lists and look at my calendar.

Thanks for all the support and excitement for the SSS!! We have a really good turn out for it and I know you’ll get great results.

My plan is to be the best version of me 70+ days from now!!

Love ya,



SSS Overview-some info and Videos~ week 00




I am adapting my former video coaching area ( to be OPEN to the world for free during this SSS contest.  SOME of the content may not be applicable due to the fact that previously it was PRIVATE and cost $125 to access.   The program also included support materials that are not included for free in our SSS contest (sorry)~

Each week you’ll be directed to YOU TUBE videos that will give you tons of training and support through the 10 week journey.  PLEASE COMMENT on the VIDEOS~ each comment helps make it possible for me to do FREE CONTESTS like this one. 

I KNOW It’s tons of info and may not be possible for everyone to keep up.  THAT’s OKAY!! Your #1 priority needs to be getting your own workouts done and eating correctly. Any EXTRA info is bonus for you~  Try taking 1 day at a time and the info will be organized 1 week at a time :) …That way you can follow along with out getting overwhelmed.

…the goal of this site is to give you the info you need to succeed and keep you CONSISTENT in your efforts!!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post comments on the videos. EACH  comment helps us reach more people and enables TEAM BuffMother to impact more lives.  Quality questions will be answered in a timely fashion.

Your HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS to get done prior to our START on MONDAY!

  1. Get your CHEAT out of your system
  2. Go Shopping “protein and greens”
  3. Journal How you felt at your peak physical condition and your goals
  4. Get your SSS contest journal READY- print and put in binder

In the SuperSTAR Success contest we will be focusing on the the biggest stumbling block tp fitness success >>> lack of CONSISTENCY. I challenge you to BE CONSISTENT over the next 10 weeks! Shoot to do a “workout” at least every other day that would be 3-4 days a week and if you can CONSISTENTLY do that you will see results!!


SSS journal HOW TO USE IT:

What the judges are looking for:

GET READY For What is coming next week:


Don‘t Forget to do your Your HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS prior to our START on MONDAY!

  1. Get your CHEAT out of your system
  2. Go Shopping “protein and greens”
  3. Journal How you felt at your peak physical condition and your goals
  4. Get your SSS contest journal READY- print and put in binder

Let’s be prepared to succeed!!

When it’s time to ATTACK~




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