Big Excitement!

Whohoo!! we’ve got some BIG TIME excitement here in the RR and all over the internet for the SSS contest!! YAY!! I quiclky wanted to point out that on the UPPER RIGHT HAND corner  under the heading “ALL BOOKS” there is a link to all the contest content “2012 SuperSTAR Success Contest”.  I’ll be adding to it and updating it as we go along– but it’s a good reference so you know where to find all the info.

I’ve been thinking about some of my personal goals– if I ever get time to get to them, lol!! Uploading videos and organizing stuff takes a ton of time– Hoping that’ll slow down as we get the first couple weeks of the contest underway 🙂

I was set to do a photoshoot this FRIDAY, but we had some famliy plans change and now that’s pushed back to a later date– AGAIN… which is okay because I am not exactly where I wanted to be “body wise” for it just yet anyhow Laughing

My main goal is to be healthy.  I have my yearly next month and will be requesting some “tests”.  I really need to find out where I am at with my hormones, thyroid and lipids.  I’ve gone off of ALL suplements this month so that nothing will interfere with the outcome of the tests. I just want to have assurance that I’m NORMAL, lol!

In October we have 2 big weddings to attend.  BOTH of my righ bearers are getting married~ my brother and nephew were both 4 years old when I got married 19 years ago and now it’s there turn~ THEY actually wanted to have their weddings on the same day, but I PLEADED with them and now they are consecutive weekends instead.

Well, I’ve gotta go get my workout done~ I’ve got upper body lifting and a run on tap.  BY THE WAY- my shoulder is so much better!! YAY!!

See you later SUPERSTARS!!


p.s. I love seeing all the activity in here– be sure to “plant some energy seeds” by commenting on other’s posts– AND I’ll do my best to keep up with answering questions in the forum–I’ll come back later to do that tonight Friends



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