Putting in the time!

Well, hello!!  I’ve been a bit lax on my blogging the past week or so…I just don’t seem have much to say!  I’ve been deep in thought.  I’m thinking about a lot of things– I feel a new season coming in my life again–it’s time to WORK harder and smarter!  I’ve always worked hard, but not always smarter.  I get into streaks were I only work hard at the easy, fun, little stuff and ignore “BIG” items.  That’s been the case the past few months– I’ve been avoiding “big” commitments, projects and workloads.  We’ll that’s ending~ I’m back on the attack and focused on “BIG” things!

Big things take a ton of mental power- my brain has been in overdrive and it’s exciting!!  Big things also take TIME…I need be putting in the time behind my computer to make the goals I have become reality. I don’t particularly like working on the computer, but putting in the time is part of what it takes to make things happen!

ONE BIG thing I’ve been prepping for is our new contest!! It’s starting in just under 2 weeks!! August 20th!! WOW!! I’ll be posting the sign up link very soon– watch for that!!

I ended up taking Monday and Tuesday off workouts- not good- no excuses– I just didn’t do it 🙁  Despite not getting in my workouts, I was productive– we got school supplies on Monday and yesterday I got a ton of business stuff done, plus a massage.  Today, I will workout- not sure what I’ll do??? IT’S ACTUALLY RAINING RIGHT NOW!! …so a run outside may not be in the cards– I’ll probably do a lower body lifting day.

time to go PUT IN THE TIME,



Day #23-FIT tip- Measure up!! Grab a measuring cup and use it this week to measure your cereal, juice, pasta and rice…you’ll be amazed at how small a cup actually is.

Day #23-Featured ARTICLE- http://buffmother.com/?p=807



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