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July’s plan!

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Mon, 2012/07/02 – 9:15am — BuffMother

July is upon us~ Now it’s time for some SUMMER FUN!!
My plan for July is to use this month for fun, fitness and for getting stuff DONE!  I have pretty much decided to go to MN next week in order to “retreive” my kids– that leaves me with this week to get after some projects that need to be completed prior to their return.  I also plan to have a little R&R for the 4th of July– we have a BURN BAN on here, so…probably no fireworks for us. Gunner’s Birthday is also this month- on the 19th.  He’ll be 13!!  I can’t belive I’ll have a teen??  Where has the time gone!?

This is my second week of buffing– last week I eneded up getting in 5 days of working out- 4 lifting, 2 bike intervals, 1 cardio day (fasted bike+hill run). It was a good solid week especially considering half of those workouts were done with an EXTREMELY SORE body!  This week should be much, much better in that reagard!

M- chest, triceps, run intervals (probably hills)+ ABS
T- Legs +ABS
W- the 4th!!! Back/sh/Biceps, intervals +ABS
Th- chest, triceps, run intervals (probably hills)+ ABS
F- Legs +ABS
Sa- Back/sh/Biceps, run intervals +ABS
S- off

It’s a 3 days split, focused on my BIG muscles and also on kicking up my fitness level a notch– I am confident if I focus on that~ the scale will go back down to my “happy place” that I hit in May.  I just need to get the workouts DONE and keep my food intake in line.

Yesterday, I Travis and I had a good day- we are all about changing our “land” little by little.  We removed several fence posts and some ugly barb wire yestdary and WOW it looks so much better.  I also did a bunch of brush hogging– we have a ton of SUMAC trees that are nasty week like– they just keep growning and taking over all the land.  “I HATE SUMAC!”…so I cut down a bunch!

Also, I made my first kill!! Last week I got my first gun ever, a 22 caliber automatic.  The main reason for it is to carry with on our property– we have a ton of animals– including snakes, wild dogs, bobcats, bears, coons, coyotes, fox, amadilo, etc… Well, yesterday we were tromping around in the creek on our land and I was walking on a fallen tree when I spotted a big snake coiled up sleeping about 7 feet ahead of me!  I was so stoked that I had my gun with me and I got to shoot it!! Travis was very impressed with my calm, killer instinct!!

I’m off to write my to do list and get a good preworkout meal in my belly!!

Cheers to JULY!!


REPORTING Monday’s workout!!

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Tue, 2012/07/03 – 1:56pm — BuffMother

July 2nd workout- MONDAY= chest/triceps/abs and running intervals

Bench press 45x20reps; 95×10; 115x10x2sets
Old School sit ups- 2 sets
Incline Bench Press- 45×10, 65×10, 75x10x2sets
Ab wheel
Incline flys- 30’sx10x3sets
Knee ups on roman chair- 2 sets of 25 reps
Dips- real ones…one set of 5 reps, my machine is a little wobbly– need to tighten some bolts 🙂
Skull crushers- 50#x10x3sets
Crunches/ hip lifts/ cats & dogs- 2 sets
Tricep kick backs- 15’sx10repsx3sets
Ball ladder climb crunches- 1 set
Perfect Push ups- with some pikes- 2 sets of 10 to 15 reps

Then I ran outside in the heat with Cuji– we hit the trail hill and managed to do 5 (each is 1 minute long) before dying of heat and exhaustion.  It was a great workout day and I feel very good today– that horrible initial soreness from last week’s workouts is done!!

I’ve been working hard all day at trying to write a long list of “done’s” for today– I do better thinking of DONE items vs. To DO’s.

I’m getting set to do my leg workout (so excited that I don’t have to do an cardio today!!!) …and also have a half typed post to announce the winners of the SHINE IN 49 contest!! Once I get those 2 items done for the day, I’ll get some outside time on my tractor in!! YAY!! I love outside time!!


hope you have a long list of “DONE’s” at the end of your day too; Cuz’ it’s time to cut lose and CELEBRATE tomorrow!!

Happy 4th!!



HI from MN!!

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Wed, 2012/07/11 – 9:15pm — BuffMother

HI! I’m in MN…got here yesterday.

Been having a good time hanging with my family~ Got in one good workout yesterday– missed today’s workout, but we did go tubing and for a walk…so not entirely a lost day 🙂

I’ll be hitting the road in the morning with my 4 kiddos….heading back to ARKANSAS (a 13 hour trek).

Anyhow, hope you all are having a great week!!


Just a bit of JOURNALING….

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Mon, 2012/07/16 – 3:47pm — BuffMother

I’m posting this just as some Journaling for my acccountability…I’m stepping it up a notch this week in the diet and workout arena– time to shed some of the fat I gained during my “vacation time”, LOL!

Sunday workout- Upper body + treadmill @ gym with Gunner

Chest Press
Seated rows
Push ups
Sit ups ( some jumping and stretching too)
Lat rows
Shoulder press
Wide grip cable lat pulls
pose down bicep curls
tricep bench dips
run intervals- these were killer today!
one set lower back/booty hyperextension maching
Sunday eats…VERY LOW CARB is goal!

Protein: eggs, brat, chicken, hot dog
Carbs: corn on the cob and a few bites of sweet tater
Fat: egg fat, brat fat, hot dog fat,  ranch, mozzarella cheese, butter
Greens: tomato, cucumber, spicy v8
*forgot to take CREATINE…that would have been another carb

My “ONE TASK” for today was planting some trees in pots…I got about 12 new evergreens done!


Monday’s workout- LEGS + bike @ home- cleaned house between sets
10 min warm up on bike
Dead lifts
Knee extensions
Lunges (forward lunges)
Ab wheel
20 mins of steady cardio on u-bike
One set of each: ball ladder crunches, full extension ball crunches, laying side leg raises, cats/dogs, superman’s

Today’s Eats…I’ll keep adding to this list as the day goes on.
5P: protein in water, eggs, more eggs, toppings off 1 small piece of pizza, taco meat
2C: CREATINE! (half scoop normal punch+ 2 small scoops of no carb version), corn chips
4F: egg fat, cheese, black olives, cheese,
3G: salsa, onions, cucumber

I need to go grocery shopping so badly!  Tomorrow will be ERRAND day…kids get hair cuts and I need to get some other shopping done– we’ll be on the GO, GO, GO!!

My “ONE TASK” for today was cleaning out the front room of our house– it’s been a “storage” area for several months.  I cleared it out so much that now you can see most of the carpet, yay!!

Time to shower before hubby gets home.  It’s always good to clean up for my man!

See ya’s tomorrow- it’ll be day 1 of 40 in my “40 days to fit challenge”— join in!!



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Wed, 2012/07/18 – 8:24am — BuffMother

Baby got BACK!! …today I’ll be hitting the gym for a back, shoulder, bicep workout with ABS (of course) and intervals on the elliptical~ ROCK IT!!
Photo: Baby got BACK!!  ...today I'll be hitting the gym for a back, shoulder, bicep workout with ABS (of course) and intervals on the elliptical~  ROCK IT!!
I can’t believe I didn’t post here yesterday??? it felt like I was posting like crazy, lol!  The excitement from the “40 days to FIT” has me commenting like crazy on those posts and on facebook.
Yesterday, I worked in the morning, got my lifting (chest) workout in around lunch time and they headed into town (30 mins away).  It  went well minus a minor melt down by my 10 year old DD, I swear she was suffering HIF (Hormone Induced Failure).  My family seems to follow my hormonal cycle and with it being cycle day 27 they were running rampant!  All 4 kids got their hair cuts done yesterday, plus I got to see my friend Emily!!  She had an appointment after us with the same hair dresser.  It’s so fun to see friends!!
After the cuts we went to “JUSTICE”…the girls favorite store, Gracie was looking for something specific she found online, but the store didn’t have it and the melt down ensued (tears and frustration so bad she hid in the dressing room).  Forced to leave empty handed, the kids were bummed….so I got them shakes at Chick-fil-a and I got chicken strips and cole slaw 🙂  I was very proud that I resisted MY urge for ICE CREAM!! YAY!!
Then we headed to find football cleats for Gunner– he’s getting so big (his 13th birthday is tomorrow).  He found a pair quickly, which ROCKED.  They are gigantic- size 10!  We looked around at bows a bit and then headed to finish our errands (bank, post office, po box, groceries) and get HOME.
I was BEAT when we finally got home– made spaghetti and cheated with the “insides” of a piece of garlic toast.  I was starving but, I had a run to do before I could truly eat– that BREAD made me so SLEEPY!  I sat down on my bed and almost fell asleep…felt like a coma was coming on for about 45mins.  It took all my guts and sheer will to force myself outside for my run.  Even halfway through it, I felt horrible, but by the end my endorphins kicked in and I felt great!
I am so proud that I’ve stuck to my POA all week- during Boosting no less!!!! I’ve also kept my carbs to 2 per day and I feel the hard work paying off.  The scale did go down just a tish more today…I’m at 130.8– which is great since it’s cycle dayt 28 and last week I was 135!
My day is shaping up to be very busy– but at least I don’t have to drive much or run errands 🙂 That kills me!
Work-it hard this Wednesday!!
Love ya,

Love DUSK running~

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Tue, 2012/07/24 – 2:00pm — BuffMother

It feels like I fit in about 3 days worth of work yesterday– I was on fire, I JUST LOVE BUFFING!!!  I wish I could have the same energy, focus and determination every day!!  But, every day is very different and today I’ve been doing a ton of driving, thinking, planning and less moving.  That’s about to change though- It’s almost 3pm and that means WORKOUT TIME is here– typically I get my workouts done in the late afternoon- It works best for me!

Last night though I didn’t even start my workout unitl about 7:20…It was a bit late, but it rocked.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how I feel when I run at dusk.  I feel like superwoman~ like I am flying~ STRONG and could breath with ease!   Hubby caught this coyote on our trail cam the other day– I guess he likes running hills too.

Here’s a quick recap of my workout~

Bench- I did about 6 sets total: high reps 115×6, 7, 8 (no spotter or I’d have gone heavier)
Knee ups on bench
Perfect Push ups
Knee ups on roman chair
Incline flys
some planks
Bench dips with reverse planks

Then a hill run- I did a little extra bit of a warm up- then did my hills with very little walking downhill between- It was fast and intense.
After my run I did some walking lunges and 15 mins on the upright bike (I was shooting for 20, but my right knee got stiff)

All in all it was a good workout– today my right shoulder is bugging me a bit. I hurt it really bad in football last spring- it was much better by last november, but the last couple weeks it’s been bothering me a bit more. I think I need to go see the chiro and have it adjusted again. Lisa Staudt had adjusted it in November for me which really helped!!  Chirorpractics work!!

my eating was good- LOADS of fat, probably too much overall– I need to watch that!
Made a roast with carrots (it was so hot in my kitchen from it- I’ll use crock pot next time!!) and I ate only a couple carbs, those carrots and my hubby had a bag of sunsweet chocolate covered prunes on our bed– I had a handful 🙁

Okay, I’m off to eat something and hit my squat rack hard– time to make this booty submit!!

Love ya,


down 2.5 pounds…

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Thu, 2012/07/26 – 3:49pm — BuffMother

I’m down 2.5 pounds since Sunday and I’m fitting into my clothes better again– AHHH!! it feels good to be comfortable vs. CRAMMED into my shorts and bras!  I’ve got 22 days to go in my photoshoot challenge– I’m still really focused but I have to admit the WEEKENDS are HARD!!

Last night I got dolled up finally having a reason to wear my new earrings…

…and headed out to meet up with my DH only to find my van was stuck on the driveway with a FLAT~ Sheesh!! I was looking forward to a night out of the house.  Anyhow, the tire is fixed but not ON the van yet…so I’m stuck at home.  It’s a good thing though, looks like RAIN!!!!!!  I am so wishing these clouds would open up– it’s VERY, VERY dry here- we’ve had virtually no rain all year!   EVERYTHING IS BROWN and TREES are losing their leaves.

I’ve spent my day working on organizing paperwork, paying bills, etc…I’ve got another 2 days worth of that before I’m done organizing– but I’ve been doing GREAT on my ONE TASK per day goal.  Yesterday I cleaned my gym/office space– It’s a work in progress–we are going to paint, hang wall mirrors and add more equipment, but for now it’s so much better:


The workout on tap for me today is Chest, Triceps, ABS + intervals + 20 extra mins of cardio….I guess I’d better get going! It’s bound to take me over an hour to get that all done!



p.s. I did get in a back lifting workout yesterday afternoon to add to my morning run– but only got in 3 mins of extra cardio–cleaning for 3 hours wiped me out!


Slightly detoured…

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Fri, 2012/07/27 – 2:47pm — BuffMother

Let me start with the Good NEWS=

I got in a nice workout yesteray for my Chest/Triceps/ABS, then intervals on the upright bike and I included some fun alterations for additonal cardio- Jumping rope and Hula hoops.

Now for the BAD NEWS=  in hindsight jumping rope may not have been the best idea…It REALLY aggrivated my shoulder injury!  It hurt so bad this morning that I got an appt with the local Chiropractor and I even took some ibuprofin and asprin for pain.  It’s settling down a bit, but MAN I hate injuries!!  I won’t let it detour me though– I’ll be keeping diet in check and staying as active as possible this weekend.  Hopefully, by MONDAY I’ll feel up to regular workouts.

I’ve got a class all day tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how it’s healing up on Sunday.

Have a greatOlympic inspiration!!

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Sun, 2012/07/29 – 10:52am — BuffMother


I had a good day yesterday– my neck/shoulder was much better!!  Travis and I took our Conceal to Carry permit class together.  It was a long day of sitting in class, taking a test, shooting on a range and getting fingerprinted– BUT SO WORTH IT!  I’m very happy we did it. The place we took the class was really nice www.EndoftheRoadAcresLLC.com

Today, We’ve been having fun watching the OLYMPICS!! LOVE THEM!! But no workout just yet– It’s been 2 days off in a row- feels like longer, lol!! My plan is to work on getting this house cleaned for the next few hours and then hit the gym for a long cardio day- typically for that I’ll do 20 mins of a warm up; 20 mins of intervals; 20 mins more of steady cardio. The LONGER session really helps the body “learn” how to burn fat for fuel.  I’ve been skipping out on long cardio days for way to long– time to add them back!

My plan for the week will be lighter on upper body lifting just so my shoulder can heal, so I’ll hit the cardio/running harder:

Su-Treadmill Run + elliptical at gym- long cardio day
M- Lift Legs
T- Hills running outside
W- Upper body lifting- upright bike intervals
Th- Running intervals + sprints then a massage @11am!!!
F-Lift legs
Sa-upper body lifting + running intervals
Other plans for the week include getting some important paperwork filed prior to Aug 1– and going to see the “Dark Knight” movie with kids 🙂

Fun stuff!!
Enjoy some of the OLYMPIC INSPIRATION this Sunday~


P.S. Day #13-FIT tip-
Pedometers cost about $1 and are a fun way to motivate us to be more active in our daily lives.  Wear one around for a week and see if you meet the “active” person standard of 10,000 steps daily.

Day #13-Featured ARTICLE-



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