Celery, you are my friend…

Yep, that’s right, CELERY has been my friend the past couple days.  It’s actually VERY GOOD! Why is it so easy to foget how yummy green veggies can be?

Anyhow, my diet is back ON TRACK– had a little bit of a hiccup Friday and Saturday with it…PLUS the ibuprofin I took for my neck caused me to retain some major water– NO FUN!   Most of it is gone now, but I weighed in at 130.8 this morning– almost 6 pounds more that I’d like for my photo-shoot.  I have 18 days days until then, so I’m now in EMERGENCY mode when it comes to diet.  There will be NO BOOSTING for me this month~ I’ll have to gut it out and stay STRONG!!

PROTEINS AND GREENS!! and I’m even cutting down on my fat intake!  THIS GIRL IS DETERMINED, lol!!

I did 60 mins of cardio yesterday~ 20 mins on r-bike; 20 mins of running intervals on treadmill; 20 mins on the elliptical ~ WHEW!!
Now today I have legs on tap–

WARM UP on Upright BIKE

Dead lifts
Forward Lunges
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls
Walking Lunges
ABS between each set

Should be killer!

I’m off to find some more CELERY!!



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