the next 3+ weeks!

HI!! I have 25 days until a fun photoshoot on August 17th….my goal is to be more photoshoot ready than I am now.  More fit, more lean and more confident in my body.  I took photos and stats yesterday since it was my first official day of “Buffing” this month.  Here are a few of the shots-



Today’s Date: 7-22-12_______ height: 5-6.5___    weight:_131.8 @4pm_____ age: 37___
Today’s cycle day-  5 (my last 2 cycles have been 27 days)
Bust (around breasts the biggest part): 36
Chest- relaxed (just under armpits above breasts with arms down at your sides): 33
Chest- flexed back and chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides): 36.5
Waist- relaxed (the smallest part):27
Waist-sucked in (the smallest part): 25
Hips (the largest part of your butt): 36.5
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides): 41.5 relaxed; 43 flexed
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm): 11
Biceps (flexed at midpoint of upper arm):11.5
Thigh-mid (about 8” above knee cap): 19.5
Thigh- upper (about 12” above knee cap): 21.5
Calf (about 7” below knee joint): 13.5

Body Fat Calipers:

Tri= 6 Thigh= 8 lliac= 8 Ab= 10

I’m not too ashamed of my pics, but I can see the fluffy-ness a bad diet and lax workout have provided.  I’ve really done better the past week in all areas and made it through a vicious period this month.  I expect to see my measurements go down quite a bit over the next 2 weeks.  My goal is to lose 4 pounds this buffing phase= 127 by August 6th.

MY POA for the week is intense:

M- Chest/Triceps/ABS + Intervals +20 min extra cardio T- Leg and ABS W-Back/Shoulders/Biceps + Intervals Th-Sat- REPEAT M-T-W workouts Su- off

Time to get after it!!

Love ya,



Today is day #7 in our “40 Days to Fit”…

Day #7-FIT tip- Take an evaluation of your diet by writing down everything you eat and drink for the next 3 days.  You will quickly identify your good and bad habits…use it as motivation to make better choices.


Day #7-Featured ARTICLE-



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