Workin’ Weekend???

It’s been awhile since I’ve forced myself to work on the weekend. These last few months I’ve done everything possible to position myself to be “OFF” come 5 oclock on Friday– But this week has been so busy and I have work left to be done– I’ll have to work this weekend!  I’m hoping it’ll just be Saturday, but I may need to take some time on Sunday to get everything finished.   What do you think about having to work weekends??

The birthday day was a success yesterday…Gunner had a good day and was in a fabulous mood!! He’s continuing the celebration today with having a friend over and hitting a paintball range tomorrow– He also wants to go to see the BATMAN movie– not sure that’ll happen??  Anyhow, I did good on my diet the until about 5pm last night. Then cheated with a not so healthy dinner and later with cake and ice cream.

Sometimes cheating on your diet can be used for a positive- I plan to use the birthday cake and ice cream to help fuel my leg workout today!


Photo: Day #4-FIT tip- Stay hydrated with fun interesting options other than just plain water.  1- add lime or lemon juice to your water. 2-try adding fruit or veggie slices( ex. watermelon, cucumbers) to your water and refrigerate it a bit. 3- green tea, black tea, herbal tea hot or cold are great alternatives to plain may find it best to opt for the NON-caffeinated varieties. Day #4-Featured ARTICLE-
We’ll I’m off to get after the work I have to do…I sure hope that if you have to work this weekend, you’ll try to at least enjoy the journey a bit.
That’s my plan!
See you later~




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