Gunner’s a TEEN!!

We’ll my son is 13 today!! wow!! that means I must be getting older, lol!  BUT not without a fight!

Look at how cute he was when he was 4

I just got done with intervals on the treadmill + some lat pulls. 30 mins total on tread mill- average of 7 mph– intervals at 8 and 9 mph, most incline at 2 some at 4. I wore these shorts– I like them, do you?

Yesterday I did a short back workout- inverted pull ups, bent over lat rows, shoulder press with barbell,  roman chair knee ups, 5 mins on the bike and 5 mins on my hoppity hop 🙂

That was all I could muster since I was dying from TOM…I feel much better today on cycle day 2.  Weighed in higher today at 133 (probably salty stir fry = hormones+ I had a bit more carbs in the form of rice and terriaki sauce)

Tuesday I got in a chest workout at noon then at 8pm ran 6 hills (1min long ones) and 4 fast sprints (100m)– first time I sprinted in a while. Feel it!






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