Baby got BACK!

Photo: Baby got BACK!! I'll be hitting the gym for a back, shoulder, bicep workout with ABS (of course) and intervals on the elliptical~  ROCK IT!!

I can’t believe I didn’t post here yesterday??? it felt like I was posting like crazy, lol!  The excitement from the “40 days to FIT” has me commenting like crazy on those posts and on facebook.

Yesterday, I worked in the morning, got my lifting (chest) workout in around lunch time and they headed into town (30 mins away).  It  went well minus a minor melt down by my 10 year old DD, I swear she was suffering HIF (Hormone Induced Failure).  My family seems to follow my hormonal cycle and with it being cycle day 27 they were running rampant!  All 4 kids got their hair cuts done yesterday, plus I got to see my friend Emily!!  She had an appointment after us with the same hair dresser.  It’s so fun to see friends!!

After the cuts we went to “JUSTICE”…the girls favorite store, Gracie was looking for something specific she found online, but the store didn’t have it and the melt down ensued (tears and frustration so bad she hid in the dressing room).  Forced to leave empty handed, the kids were bummed….so I got them shakes at Chick-fil-a and I got chicken strips and cole slaw 🙂  I was very proud that I resisted MY urge for ICE CREAM!! YAY!!

Then we headed to find football cleats for Gunner– he’s getting so big (his 13th birthday is tomorrow).  He found a pair quickly, which ROCKED.  They are gigantic- size 10!  We looked around at bows a bit and then headed to finish our errands (bank, post office, po box, groceries) and get HOME.

I was BEAT when we finally got home– made spaghetti and cheated with the “insides” of a piece of garlic toast.  I was starving but, I had a run to do before I could truly eat– that BREAD made me so SLEEPY!  I sat down on my bed and almost fell asleep…felt like a coma was coming on for about 45mins.  It took all my guts and sheer will to force myself outside for my run.  Even halfway through it, I felt horrible, but by the end my endorphins kicked in and I felt great!

I am so proud that I’ve stuck to my POA all week- during Boosting no less!!!! I’ve also kept my carbs to 2 per day and I feel the hard work paying off.  The scale did go down just a tish more today…I’m at 130.8– which is great since it’s cycle dayt 28 and last week I was 135!

My day is shaping up to be very busy– but at least I don’t have to drive much or run errands 🙂 That kills me!

Work-it hard this Wednesday!!

Love ya,




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