2nd LEG done!

I got in my 2nd leg workout for the week today:

squats 45×20, 95×10, 135x10x2sets, 155×9, 135×10
knee ups on roman chair 2 sets– DH tightened it up, it works so much better now!
forward barbell lunges 65×10, 95×10, 95×5 + 4 stationary ones on each leg
Leg extensions 70# tons of reps, some single legged- 4 sets total
Knee ups on bench 2 sets
Dead lifts 95x2sets

At the same time as working out I couldn’t resist cleaning up a bit, so the workout took longer than expected…it’s so easy to get distracted when working out at home!!

Time to go shopping…we are on our way to Lowe’s.  Then later tonight we’ll be watching the UFC event.

UFC 148!!— who’s your pick to win the championship- Silva or Sonnen??

My guess is Silva, but I sure hope it’s a good fight!!




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