BuffMother~ SNAKE SLAYER!!

July is upon us~ Now it’s time for some SUMMER FUN!!
My plan for July is to use this month for fun, fitness and for getting stuff DONE!  I have pretty much decided to go to MN next week in order to “retreive” my kids– that leaves me with this week to get after some projects that need to be completed prior to their return.  I also plan to have a little R&R for the 4th of July– we have a BURN BAN on here, so…probably no fireworks for us. Gunner’s Birthday is also this month- on the 19th.  He’ll be 13!!  I can’t belive I’ll have a teen??  Where has the time gone!?

This is my second week of buffing– last week I eneded up getting in 5 days of working out- 4 lifting, 2 bike intervals, 1 cardio day (fasted bike+hill run). It was a good solid week especially considering half of those workouts were done with an EXTREMELY SORE body!  This week should be much, much better in that reagard!

M- chest, triceps, run intervals (probably hills)+ ABS
T- Legs +ABS
W- the 4th!!! Back/sh/Biceps, intervals +ABS
Th- chest, triceps, run intervals (probably hills)+ ABS
F- Legs +ABS
Sa- Back/sh/Biceps, run intervals +ABS
S- off

It’s a 3 days split, focused on my BIG muscles and also on kicking up my fitness level a notch– I am confident if I focus on that~ the scale will go back down to my “happy place” that I hit in May.  I just need to get the workouts DONE and keep my food intake in line.

Yesterday, I Travis and I had a good day- we are all about changing our “land” little by little.  We removed several fence posts and some ugly barb wire yestdary and WOW it looks so much better.  I also did a bunch of brush hogging– we have a ton of SUMAC trees that are nasty week like– they just keep growning and taking over all the land.  “I HATE SUMAC!”…so I cut down a bunch!

Also, I made my first kill!! Last week I got my first gun ever, a 22 caliber automatic.  The main reason for it is to carry with on our property– we have a ton of animals– including snakes, wild dogs, bobcats, bears, coons, coyotes, fox, amadilo, etc… Well, yesterday we were tromping around in the creek on our land and I was walking on a fallen tree when I spotted a big snake coiled up sleeping about 7 feet ahead of me!  I was so stoked that I had my gun with me and I got to shoot it!! Travis was very impressed with my calm, killer instinct!!

I’m off to write my to do list and get a good pre-workout meal in my belly!!

Cheers to JULY!!




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